How to Help Students Score Scholarship Money

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There are over 44 million people still paying off their college debt. And the total debt owed tips the scales at over $1.5 trillion dollars. That’s a huge financial burden to carry into adulthood with you. It also places increased pressure on recent college graduates to find a high-paying job right away. While financial aid can help ease some of this financial stress for students, there are other ways to help finance your college education. Grants and scholarships are two of these ways. Even if you can’t secure a full-ride, collecting several smaller scholarships can help put a dent in that hefty, monthly tuition fee. Here are a few tips for securing both grants and scholarships to help support your college dreams.

Start Searching Early

There’s no worse feeling than missing the boat when it comes to finding quality scholarships. Many students start the college application process early. This is especially true if they’re opting for early decision into the college of their choice. So, don’t be left behind when it comes to applying for scholarships. Start your search early. The best way to do this is to make a list. During a students junior, or even sophomore, year of highschool, make a list of scholarships they qualify for and want to apply to. Then, when the time comes to start the application process, they already have a great foundation to start from.

Don’t Count Anything Out

While students should keep their eye on the prize in terms of success, it’s important not to count out smaller grants or scholarships. After all, several small scholarship amounts can quickly add up to quite a hefty payday for a college-bound student. What makes smaller scholarships even better is that there’s often less competition, making students more eligible for acceptance. There are several well-known college scholarships available like the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation or the Hertz Foundation scholarship. But countless companies and organizations also offer scholarships. Check out for more information regarding their scholarship program. Or if you want to get creative, the Stuck on Prom scholarship involves creating an entire prom outfit out of duct tape alone. You can thank Duct tape brand for this unique scholarship opportunity.

Carefully Prepare the Paperwork

The competition for college scholarships is fierce. Don’t let students miss out on the opportunity for silly mistakes. This means proofreading all essays, applications, and paperwork for careless spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Even the most qualified students may be disqualified for a scholarship based on mistakes on their application or errors in their essay. This would be a terrible reason for a student to lose out on scholarship money, so be sure to proofread all paperwork before submitting.

Pay Attention to Details and Deadlines

Attention to detail when applying for scholarships applies to more than just spelling and grammatical errors. Some scholarships are extremely specific about their requirements and rules. Make sure that students follow these directions to the letter! Some restrictions placed on the scholarship application process are there strictly to see if the student is paying attention and reading the rules carefully. Another key element in applying for scholarships is not to miss the deadline. There’s little to no leeway when it comes to missing a scholarship deadline. Help students keep all of their applications organized using a planner, calendar or scheduling app to ensure they don’t miss important deadlines.

Applying for scholarships is only one part of the college application process, but it’s an important one. Not only will it help ease the financial stress associated with attending college but it helps put college students in a better financial position following graduation.

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