How to Implement Education-Based Marketing

Nov 29, 2018 by

There is a huge misconception in contemporary business practices that marketing’s most essential purpose is the promotion of goods and services. Though marketing does play a critical role in placing your goods or services in front of the right audiences, the most important function of your marketing should be to establish trust. The best way to establish trust nowadays, in the era of digital marketing, is through education-based marketing.

What exactly is education-based marketing?

Education based marketing can be classified under the same umbrella as content marketing. Basically, education-based marketing is marketing that is centered on sharing resourceful information with the intention of building trust among consumers. Nowadays, almost every individual owns a smartphone, which means that it is a lot easier to reach customers and share educative tips than it has been in the past. Furthermore, consumers today insist on conducting business with trustworthy brands. As such, effective educative based marketing must be implemented if any brand wants to succeed in today’s highly competitive digital environment.

How to implement effective education-based marketing

Unlike traditional marketing, which is always characterized by sell-based language and messages,education-based marketing does the exact opposite. Today’s consumers have gotten used to the flowery language used by traditional marketers, so providing useful information to your target audience is the best way to build awareness.Here is how to implement education-based marketing:

Tell your brand’s story

If you are in higher education for instance, instead of focusing all your efforts on writing sales copy, higher education marketing can help you craft a brand story that your target audience will identify with. Your target audience wants to learn why you are the way you are,and providing a genuine authentic brand story is the best way to do it.

Establish yourself as a leader

Rather than ask customers to trust your expertise blindly, why not give them tangible proof of your skill set and level of knowledge? This will not only help to prove that you understand what you are doing, but it will also help to launch you as an authority in your industry.

Always use a call to action

A call to action is what actually helps to convert a lead into a sale. Calls to action are usually included at the very end or your educative content to encourage customers to make purchases. However, you should be extremely careful when using calls to action because they can come off pushy if not used properly.

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