How to Improve Your Learning: 5 Services

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Learning new things has its own sets of perks. It gives a boost to your knowledge and helps you make better decisions, which ultimately leads to a better life. But how do you improve your learning skills?

Fortunately, some apps and services can help you study better and learn faster. Here are five best services you should try right now.


Are you trying to learn a new language but struggling with all the new words? Yes, determining a second or third language can be difficult and very challenging. And this is where DuoLingo comes in handy. It isn’t anything like your boring Spanish or French class. DuoLingo teaches you how to love studying and make language learning fun and easy with lots of neat tips and tricks. It turns lessons into games concerning listening, speaking and translating. It’s as fun as any role-playing game you play on your phone. You will get on different levels depending on the tasks you’re given and how well you perform in them. It can also be thrilling as you’re always in fear of getting eliminated if not played well. So use it to improve your Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Irish, or English. DuoLingo is free and can be used on both iOS and Android devices.


How long do students spend on homework and writing essays these days? It’s undeniable that the pressure in today’s educational system for students is high. So a group of experts has come up with a solution for the students who are struggling with writing their essays. Edusson is a ghostwriting and academic writing service with over a thousand professional writers waiting to help you with your article. They guarantee the plagiarism-free content, and they use a bidding style action system to source Edusson writers for you. You can select a writer that seems appealing to you most based on their success rate, details, and many completed assignments. You can also find the app on your app store and get access to their service easily from your phone. We highly recommend you to use Edusson as it is user-friendly and appropriate for students who are in need of help with writing.

My Study Life

Are you forgetfully skipping your classes or getting late? Do you have a hard time remembering your swimming lessons? My Study Life is a beneficial service for both formal and non-formal types of education. So whether you’re in college or learning community-based sports programs, you can organize your classes, schedules, assignments, and exams easily with the help of this app. And the best thing about My Study Life is that it’s free. You can sync your data in the cloud and across all your devices. The My Study Life app also works offline, so you don’t have to worry about losing access without the Internet. You are learning new things every day. So you have to make sure you don’t miss out on anything from your learning and have everything stored somewhere safe and secure to reach.

Khan Academy

Some people believe the importance of education lies in the knowledge conveyed through books, where Khan Academy thinks that the overall experience of getting an education is what’s important. Khan Academy is a nonprofit online portal with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for everyone. It offers courses in almost any subject you can imagine. Math, Science and Engineering, Computing, Arts and Humanities, Economics and Finance, Test Prep, College, Careers, Entrepreneurship, you can pick any of these subjects and get free lessons. They have been helping people in passing tests, improving their comprehension, or even just becoming better rounded over the last few years. So grab your laptop or your phone and get some free education on Khan Academy right now. The more you learn, the more you grow.

Easy Study

Studying can be hard if you don’t have a study schedule. Everybody follows a routine to get the job done in time. As a student, you must have a hectic schedule, with your school/college, homework, assignments, social-activities (if you have any), and many other things. So you wouldn’t want to waste any of your precious time thinking about what to do. Easy Study is a straightforward way to solve your problem. You can make yourself a study timetable if you don’t know where to begin. Put in all the subjects you need to study for, set a timer for how long you want to spend on each of them, and choose how many hours you’ll be considering for each day. Once everything is set, you can quickly optimize your time by following the new timetable you’ve created. It will help you spend your spare time learning or doing other productive things.

Final Words

Studying isn’t just about getting good grades. It’s also about learning what you’re reading and becoming a better version of yourself. So, get started on improving your learning skills by following the five services mentioned above. And last but not least, we’ve decided to mention a bonus service called “Student Search Service” for college students. It’s a great way to discover what different colleges offer. You can also find out their application processes, financial aid packages, and campus life. We wish you good luck in your journey.

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