How To Learn Hadoop Online In 2019

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In the world of loads of data and storage, managing these data has become an important aspect of life. Big Data is the form of data which is too massive to be handled by normal data processing software. For the processing of Big Data, many special tools and software are used which are included in Apache Hadoop utilities.

Apache Hadoop is a collection of Open source utilities that can be further used to process a large and big amount of data easily and efficiently. This is made possible by facilitating through a large number of network sub-systems at the same time. All the modules and functions inbuilt in Apache Hadoop are created while keeping in mind all the hardware failures and problems that generally pop up during the processing of Big data.

But, just as other things, learning Apache Hadoop utilities is not a piece of cake. The learner has to invest a massive amount of time and effort to learn all the important utilities in Apache Hadoop that are needed for managing Big Data. However, there are numerous ways to learn Apache Hadoop online, and those are listed below:

How To Learn Hadoop Online In 2019

Learning Hadoop is not an impossible task. There are multiple sources on the vast internet to learn Hadoop from. With dedicated effort and time, almost everyone can learn how to use Apache Hadoop’s utilities.

Blogs And Video Lectures

A variety of blogs and lectures are available for free on the Internet for everyone who wants to learn Apache Hadoop. Some great examples of Big Data blogs are DataFloq, Cognitive Class, Cloudera, and IBM Big Data hub podcasts. Just fire up these websites in your browser and start learning.

Online Communities

Some online communities have special boards for discussing Big Data and its various application. A new learner must join these boards and remain active in them almost daily. This is how one can learn and know what things to know about Big Data. Some examples of online forums and communities are Quora and Reddit.

Online Courses

There are numerous online courses created officially by Apache Hadoop to let users know about their software utilities. These courses are cheap and do not require much time. One example of such course is the Edureka Big Data which is sponsored by Hadoop itself. They provide Big Data knowledge from scratch and also teach various tools and techniques in Apache Hadoop. This course is paid and requires investment to get ahead with. However, you can use Edureka coupons to avail some discount on the course price.

Final Words –

That’s it from us on part of different ways to learn hadoop online in 2019. The article was constructed after looking into different resources available online in different forms and websites.

Thank you for being such an awesome reader and let us know if we have missed out on anything via comments or email. The post is not sponsored by any of the brand mentioned above.

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