How to Make Reading Fun for your Children

Mar 11, 2019 by

So many different people and mediums are pulling for your children’s attention, today more than any other time in history. If you’re looking for a way to get your kids away from video games or television and in front of a good book, read on.

1. Create a Library or Reading Room

Nothing tells your children that you value reading like dedicating an entire room, or at least a nook, to books. If you live in a modern apartment, you may be able to dedicate an entire room equipped with books, comfy chairs, a few stuffed animals, and book-related décor. If you’re lacking space, you can create a nook in the living room dedicated strictly to reading. Keep the areas free of clutter and distractions to keep your child’s attention.

2. Read Aloud

The best thing you can do for your child’s love of reading is to engage with them by reading aloud. Create a daily experience geared toward reading, and invite the whole family to participate. Make sure to make the story exciting by making silly gestures, inflections, and faces as you read along. Ask them questions about the story to keep them engaged, and take time to admire the illustrations.

3. Read the Right Books

Make sure that the books you are reading are at the appropriate reading level for your child, otherwise they’ll feel overwhelmed and disinterested. Ask your child what their favorite genre is, and build a collection for them to choose from.

4. Think Outside of the Traditional Book

This means you should encourage all forms of reading. If your child wants to pick up a comic book or magazine, cheer them on. That small step may help them make the leap to reading short stories and other books.

This also applies to audiobooks. You don’t always have to read directly from text to foster intelligence or imagination or enhance vocabulary. Your child may be able to better immerse themselves in the text when they hear audio. Every child is different, so find the best way to entice your child to read.

5. Be Consistent

To truly develop a love of reading, it should become a habit. Read a few stories every day before bed, or start a reading hour where everyone in the house relaxes with a good book every day or on select days of the week. Your kids will start reading on their own without even thinking about it.

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