How to Manage Your Bachelor’s Degree with A Full-time Job

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Believe it or not, having a bachelor’s degree on your CV does raise your employability in the eyes of potential recruiters. However, if you could not go to college earlier and are now working full-time, you may be wondering how you’re going to pull off getting a degree at this stage in your life.

While the traditional way for working professionals to receive higher education is to enroll in night classes, it does not work out for most people, as at the end of a tiring workday there is hardly any time or energy left to attend classes, complete assignments, and so on. For this very reason, several universities and other education institutions offer fast-track bachelor programs for those who cannot attend regular daytime classes. In fact, with some planning and research, you can complete your bachelor’s program in a single year.

Here are three ways to complete your bachelor’s education while working a full-time job.

Get your employer in the loop

Share your aspiration to go back to school with your manager or boss and explore if they’d like to support you financially in getting a degree that will improve your performance at work. This way, your employer will be involved in your professional development and will be more willing to adapt to your new hectic schedule of managing both work and school.

With some negotiation, they may allow you to work from home during exam time and to leave early to attend classes.

Integrate your professional and college projects if possible

Look for elements in your degree course that can be immediately applied to your current work profile that will bring tangible results to the table. By integrating your learning at school into your work, you will be able to demonstrate to your employer the direct benefits of your higher education. This will create an atmosphere of greater flexibility in work timings and deadlines when you need it.

Also, by helping your employer recognize the benefits of higher education, you will open the door for other professionals in your organization to explore getting a degree or enrolling in short-term training programs.

Join a fast-track degree program

For those who’re not interested in long-term degree programs, a 1 year bachelor degree or accelerated bachelors degree is a great way to attain quality education in a short span of time. Do remember, however, that any short-term degree course must be undertaken with a reputed and trusted institution recognized by the academic and professional world.

There are several ways to fast-track your bachelor’s education by availing credit for past learning. These include enrolling with a college that recognizes past work experience, specialized training such as training with a military organization, and credits for examinations taken with a recognized testing system such as DANTES or CLEP. Another way to complete the program faster is by taking up online classes, if the school offers them.

Going back to school once you’ve started working requires careful planning and organization—so do it when you feel you’re ready for it.

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