How to manage your law studies without going crazy

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Being a student in a law school can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience. With countless activities and lack of free time, students are torn between attending classes, studying and trying to have quality time with friends and family. Knowing how stressful student life can be, we’ve decided to write some helpful tips that will make your college years more enjoyable and memorable.

Review your time for studying

As a law student, you probably don’t have much free time. To be more accurate, your free time is probably spent in a library studying or simply sleeping at home. To find more time for yourself and be more efficient, you should write down all your activities. See which of them take most of your time and find a way to improve it. For instance, maybe you start studying for your exam too late, so you will study all day long and after the exam, you will need a lot of time to recover your energy and motivation. Instead, you could start preparing your exams a little bit earlier. Also, if you wish to have weekends free for your family and friends, try to reschedule your activities during the week to ensure you have enough time for relaxing.

Review your other habits

You might say you don’t even have time for other activities outside the law school but you might be wrong. How many time per day do you spend on social media? You probably even stop studying to check what’s new on your favorite platforms. These habits can really have a negative impact on your productivity and prolong the time you would usually spend studying if you weren’t checking your phone so often. Be honest with yourself and determine which things are not a priority now. It can be anything, from watching Netflix long past midnight to getting up pretty late. Focus on your law school activities and when a semester is done, reward yourself with going to the cinema or a weekend road trip with friends.

Review your study process

Besides the time you invest in your activities, the way you do things is equally important. To find the best option for yourself, you will need to review the way you usually study. Start with a location. Where do you usually study and is there a place where you would feel more comfortable? For instance, maybe you’ve been studying in the library but it’s hard for you to stay concentrated there. Also, think about the time during the day you feel most focused. Is it right in the morning or late afternoon? Find the time and place that suits you best and build your schedule around it.

If you think that some parts of studying process are not your greatest strengths, are you able to find an alternative solution? You could waste a lot of time trying to write a law dissertation but are not very skilled in written communication. Realizing that and finding an alternative in the form of writing help can save you time and allow you to focus on your other activities. Also, don’t forget that having an active life helps you study better. How often do you workout or just go for a walk? An active lifestyle will significantly improve your efficiency and motivation.


Planning is crucial when talking about being productive. You can’t expect to be an excellent law student if you’re not focused on improving your efficiency. Planning your both academic and personal activities will save time and energy. However, we can’t forget to mention that nutrition and having a balanced life is what students are mostly missing in their lives. After all, your student life can’t be successful if you’re not feeling healthy, strong and energized.

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