How to overcome a writers block when you work on your dissertation?

Mar 7, 2019 by

Any student, who has worked over a written assignment, knows about the problem of the writer’s block. You know that you are to produce an essay, but you do not have a single idea, where to start from. Or you have already started writing and the whole introduction is ready and that’s it, no further ideas. In reality writer’s block is a rather serious problem. It consists of the lack of motivation to work and inability to start or continue writing. Certainly such state should not be ignored and needs solution as soon as possible.

It is important not to mix up the state of writer’s block and poor time management, when you start writing your dissertation. The situation of writer’s block is an exceptional, thus there are ways to cope with it. It is advisable to read something different with the aim to distract attention. Then you should read some texts, related to the topic of your dissertation, most luckily you would feel inspiration.

Sometimes it is really helpful to consider the written piece as a whole, without focusing upon one single chapter, which makes you stuck. It is useful to stop writing from time to time and do some usual daily things, go for a walk, wash you face, take a break with a cup of tea. These activities could help you return to reality, to feel that you are moving further. The length of such a break might vary, sometimes it is enough to stop for half an hour and in other cases you might need a longer rest.

For some individuals work under pressure is stimulating, for other writers pressure is a disturbing factor. Also a good strategy could be to join a support group. At any moment of your work process you could stop writing and return to sources, check some new spheres of your subject, it could distract you from writing and at the same time could be useful for your work. If you stuck with your paper you can always ask pro essays for help.

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