How to Prepare for ALEKS

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Thanks to innovations with technology, students now have more options for learning than ever. Beyond the traditional methods of classroom lectures and textbooks, online tutoring has emerged—getting to enjoy the benefits of one-on-one instruction with a flexible schedule, even from the comforts of your own home. Given how convenient and affordable it is, it’s not surprising that the industry is expected to grow by 13.68% from 2017 to 2021. Even schools and other institutions have adopted this and integrated it into their regular curriculum.

ALEKS for Targeted Learning

In the world of online tutoring apps, ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) is a pioneer. This learning system uses artificial intelligence to analyze the learning style and knowledge level of users, preparing a personalized study track for them. Started in 1994 at UC Irvine, it is now owned by McGraw-Hill Education, one of the best education publishers in the world. Modules include math, chemistry, introductory statistics, and business, and students who master these in ALEKS can reflect that mastery back in classes and real-life situations.

When preparing for ALEKS, it helps to know the app’s features and how it works. ALEKS starts off by assessing how much students know through an assessment. All throughout, it uses adaptive questioning to determine the gaps in their knowledge, preparing topics that they’re ready to learn while efficiently skipping over those that they’re already comfortable with. To make concepts stick, it also does periodic reassessment. Multiple-choice questions are avoided for better comprehension, students are motivated by positive and immediate feedback, and they get 24/7 access to the system.

The main strength of ALEKS is learning that’s genuinely tailor-fitted to the individual, which isn’t doable at all in the usual classroom setting. The result is accelerated learning. Many teachers and students all over are happy about ALEKS, describing drastic increases in scores, incredibly fast progress amounting to several years’ worth, and a drop in failure and withdrawal rates.

Preparing for ALEKS

Are you about to use ALEKS? You’ve probably been informed by your school about the initial assessment, which checks how much you already know about the topic. No need to be intimidated—think of it as a normal diagnostic that doesn’t require too much studying since it’s meant to cover topics you’ve already encountered before.

The assessment isn’t timed and can usually be finished anytime within 48 hours. For the sake of focus, though, it’s probably better if you do it all in one sitting and submit within one to two hours.

Because it’s an online app, you only need an internet connection and your browser to set it up. Keep a pen and paper around. Before you move on to the actual test, ALEKS will direct you to a quick tutorial about using the software. Take your time with this—and if you need a refresher once the assessment starts, there’s always the Help button. And if you’re still having trouble, ALEKS answers could be found on various online platforms.

That’s it! The interface is intuitive to use, so most of your energy will be focused on answering the assessment.

Education Meets Technology

Online tutoring tools such as ALEKS are right at the intersection of education and technology. These are ushering in a new era of learning that’s more personalized and democratic, and students are more comfortable with working at their own pace and following their unique learning style. Subjects such as chemistry and math have always been notoriously tricky for many students, but with ALEKS, you can make progress faster and more enjoyable than you ever expected.

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