How to Prepare Mentally to Survive University

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So, you’ve decided to go onto higher education? Congratulations, you’ve made it to the big leagues and now you’ve just got to get ready to head off to college! There are so many things you have to do before you leave, from getting your new dorm furniture, to trying to figure out your class schedule! But are you mentally prepared for university?

College is a whole new ball game. You are going to be solely responsible for your living quarters, your school work, your food, and it’s not going to be an easy adjustment. Being prepared for what comes next, whether you’re first in your family to go to college, or you’re the 10th out of 10 children to go off to university, you still need to mentally prepare yourself for the responsibilities and stressors that go with going to college!

Have a Support System

One of the most important things about living alone for the first time is having a powerful support system to back you up! Whether you have friends, parents, family members, siblings, whoever you rely on most, you need to let them know you will need their support. Living alone for the first time can be hard, you’ll need their love to keep you going!

Your support system should offer advice, should stay positive, and shouldn’t try to fix everything for you! You’re an adult now, and you have to problem solve, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. When exams rear their ugly heads, and your workload seems never-ending, you’ll need someone who truly cares about you on the other end of the line to listen, to guide, and to keep you on track!

Living Alone

When it comes to going off to university, for a lot of us it will be the first time we will have ever lived alone! No matter how big your family is, the idea of leaving the nest and going off on your own, is both terribly exciting and utterly horrifying. Your new life at college will be stressful, so make sure you’re mentally prepared to handle the living situation.

Some of us will have roommates for the first time and it is NOT going to be easy. Knowing how to prepare for uni and how to handle yourself in stressful situations goes hand in hand! Here are a few tips for getting ready to live with someone you barely know!

  • Things aren’t going to be easy all the time. The excitement of moving in together will wear off, and then things get real. Be prepared to have the veil fall, and the reality to set in.
  • Communication. Saying what we mean isn’t always easy. Especially if you don’t know someone very well. Make sure to have open and honest, BUT KIND, communication with your roommate at all times. This will help to lighten your burdens tremendously!
  • Schedules and Studies. You and your roommate will not be on the same schedule. Make sure that you both communicate your study times, class schedule, and sleeping times so that there aren’t any future arguments over unwanted noise at unwanted hours.
  • Shared Items. Make sure you are prepared to share things with someone else. Microwave, fridge, bedroom, you name it, you’ll have to prepare yourself to share with someone new!

As long as you and your roommate are on the same page, in every aspect of your lives, then you will find it easier to get along. You don’t necessarily have to become best friends, but you will have to live together. So be conscious their needs, as well as openly communicating your own.

Education Difference

University isn’t secondary school. The workload is harder, the studying is more intense, and there is no one to hold your hand through assignments. Being aware of the difficult educational challenges that await you is extremely important!

It’s not that your professors won’t care, it’s just that college isn’t meant to be easy. You are working tirelessly and studying for hours for exams. It is incredibly stressful, and you need to be focused on both your studies and your mental health while at school! Be prepared for the workload, be prepared for the long hours and sleepless nights, and you will be prepared to succeed!

Taking Care

If you take the time to mentally prepare yourself for living alone for the first time, for being 100% responsible for your grades and studies, and you have a wonderful support system behind you, you will certainly prevail! University isn’t all stress, it can be life-altering and memorable, but you should prepare yourself for the tough times! Use these tips to mentally prepare yourself not only for university, but for the rest of your life!

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