How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

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Whether you are a biker or not, you might have heard that the number of crimes involving motorcycles being stolen has been on the rise, especially over the past couple of years. For today, we have prepared a list of tips and tricks that you (or someone you know who owns a motorbike) might want to check out if you want to make sure that your ride remains your own for as long as possible.

Make concealment one of your major concerns

If you do not have the convenience of a garage and you simply must leave the bike out in front of your apartment building for everyone to see, you should get used to the idea that you’ll have to use a cover.

No matter how beautiful your bike might be, it looks just as pretty in the eyes of a thief as it does in your eyes. In fact, it might be more appealing. Another tip that we can give you is to change the location of your parked motorbike once in a while. For instance, you can park it in front of the building for two days and then take it in the back for the rest of the week.

But in the end, a motorcycle cover means a lot, especially if it boasts the name of a brand that’s less popular. If you own a Harley, you might want to get a motorbike cover with the name Honda printed on it.

As many locks as possible

There are loads of types of locks you can use to make sure that your bike remains in the place you last saw it. Some are handlebar locks, others have to be used on your wheels (disc locks), and there are even utility locks you can use to make sure that the efforts of the thief are mostly deterred when they see just how many things they have to bypass before stealing your ride.

If you leave your motorcycle in a shared garage, you can use a chock and several locks. Here’s an interesting article on this topic.

Theft-recovery plans

Although you might hate the very idea of having your motorbike stolen, the fact is that it can actually happen, so the least you might want to do is make sure you get part or all of your money back from an insurance service.

There are several ways of making sure you do recover your bike, or you get your money back if something like this occurs. Some types of insurance policies will require you to install a tracking system on your bike, although you can do that by yourself, too.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that most stolen vehicles of this kind end up in chop shops. Almost no thief wants to take the risk of selling your bike as it is because even if it’s painted in a different color now, it might still be traceable some way or the other.

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    Joesph Beall

    One thing you have to keep in mind is that most stolen vehicles of this kind end up in chop shops.

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