How to Promote Best Virus Protection Software Online for Educational Institutions?

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Every industry and business sector that requires the use of personal computing devices need to have the best virus protection program installed – in order to protect sensitive and confidential information stored on such devices. And in this information age, the computer is being used almost everywhere. Even educational institutions these days need antivirus protection software installed in computer classes.

Why Educational Institutions?

Technology is optimizing the way we study and perceive knowledge these days. As a result of which, more and more number of educational institutions are opting for a digital form of teaching and providing hands-on experience to their students, letting them learn directly through the internet.

Being said that, it becomes necessary for management at the institution to safeguard their institutional data and student privacy and thus, having the best virus protection is extremely important for them to deal with numerous cyber threats for schools.

Tips to Promote Software Product Online

Following are some of the ways that brands and businesses can promote best virus protection antivirus security solution and get them in the hands of every office and educational institutions around the world.

1. Video Promotion

As a business, who are trying to promote and market their antivirus solution to different educational institutions, who might not be that tech savvy, explainer video about the product and its feature offerings can be a great way to promote the antivirus. Video promotion can be an interesting way to reach out to masses and actually convert customers to paid users.

Things to Keep in Mind

Do not make the video an advertisement. Provide information that is useful for people to understand the product better.

Promote the video on all of the social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

2. Affiliate Marketing

One of the effective ways to boost the sales of your antivirus solution is to promote the software through Affiliate Marketing. This is even better for companies because they only have to pay a certain percentage of commission when the actual sales happen. Thus, not only you get the exposure, but also actual results.

Things to Keep in Mind

Look for an affiliate that has a large student reader base, if they are a blogger. Look for a number of unique visitors on their website each month to evaluate their popularity and only then allow them to post your software details on their blogs for a certain sum of money.

Affiliate services can be bought in a number of different ways. It can be done for every click or lead or on the number of actual sales.

3. Get on Featured on Educational Portals

If you are trying to sell your antivirus solution to numerous different educational institutions around the world, having an article about your antivirus featured on educational portals can be a good way to promote your software solution. That will help to boost the presence of your brand and software among the institutions around the world, thus increasing the sales.

Things to Keep in Mind

Do not try and make the article a sales item. Keep the information as neutral as possible and provide all the necessary information.

These portals will ask a commission based on every sale made or might even ask for a fee to post the article on their platform.

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