How To Search the VAERS COVID-19 Data

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EMBL-EBI launches COVID-19 Data Portal | EMBL's European Bionformatics  Institute

“How To Search the VAERS COVID-19 Data”

From Donna Garner


OPEN VAERS is a website designed and operated by a small group of individuals who have suffered injury from “vaccination” against SARS CoV 2 (i.e., COVID-19).  The people operating OPEN VAERS do not make money from the site even though it takes them many hours to prepare the data.

Here is the link to the easy-to use OPEN VAERS website:

In contrast, here is the hard-to-understand U. S. Health and Human Services (HHS) VAERS page which seems to be deliberately obscure and confusing (

The people, giving of their time to provide OPEN VAERS for us, have downloaded the data unchanged from the HHS website. They then aggregated the data to make viewing by category of injury easier to understand than does the HHS website.   

To learn more about the way the Open VAERS data is configured and the details explaining from where the data is taken, please go to the FAQ dropdown box at the top of the OPEN VAERS page.

The homepage of the OPEN VAERS site has three more tabs at the top: Open VAERS Data, COVID Data, and Blog.

All are worth browsing, but to me the COVID Data tab is the most interesting because it aggregates complications by category to help us gain quick and easy viewing.

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  1. Your Teacher

    There is too much to cover regarding the stupidity on the side of pro vaccine.
    In Theory, of course a WORKING, ACTUAL VACCINE would be ideal.
    However, this is not.
    *Its not FDA approved (watch politicizing Dems Growl)
    *Its not fool proof, MANY are getting Covid again and worse.
    *Its NOT a Vaccine.
    Its an ongoing experiment.
    *VAERS data has already proven more adverse event DEATHS from the 3 “vaccines” than ALL VACCINES FOR ANY ISSUE SINCE VAERS REPORTS BACK TO 1990.
    Any Death count should matter.
    But ALL COUNTS regarding to VAERS disregarded.
    *We all have 1 body and 1 Life.
    The Choice should remain OURS WITHOUT PENALTY OF JOB LOSS.

  2. I am interested in learning about the 3 vaccines and the after effects.
    I have not taken any vaccine and don’t plan to do it.
    Thanks for any information that you can share.
    Marian McElroy