How to Sell a House With Unpermitted Work

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Selling a house can be tricky and this is especially true if you are dealing with a property that has unpermitted work that was done. The danger of having a property that the city or county didn’t approve of the work is very serious. All municipalities in the US have building codes and to do any improvements to a property, the plans have to be approved.

Unfortunately, most people do not find out that there has been unapproved work to the property or house is when they go to do improvements or full renovations. According to the law, a seller must declare to the buyer that there is unpermitted work to the home or property.

While doing our research for this article on how to sell a house with unpermitted work in Las Vegas, we came across some valuable information. We decided that we would cover some of the options that you as a seller should know about before selling your home.

3 Options to Consider When Trying to Sell a Home with Unpermitted Renovation Work

After discovering that you do have work that was done to your single story home that was not permitted you are obligated to inform all buyers. During our research, we came across three alternatives that you choose to move forward with the sale.

Option #1: Go forward and sell it as is

As the owner of the property, you must disclose to all potential buyers that the unpermitted work exists in your home. However, the law does not say how you have to remedy the problem. That means you can sell the home and property in an “as-is” condition. To comply with the law you simply have to tell the prospective buyers and if they agree to make an offer, you are covered. Once the sale is closed, the responsibility transfers to the new owner.

Option #2: Remove all unpermitted work

The second option is to remove the work that was done without a permit before selling the house. This may or may not be a simple thing to do. The key to figuring out if it is feasible to remove it or not is to find out if you can remove it and restore the house to its original condition. An example would be if a previous owner put in a wooden deck off the back of the house but failed to get the proper permits. It would be fairly easy to have it removed and all signs covered up.

Option #3: Attempt to get all the work permitted

The last option, which is to attempt to get the work permitted. Some municipalities may allow you as the current owner of the property to apply for a permit to cover the work that was previously done. One of the primary reasons to take this option is when you find that the cost of the repairs and or the amount of time that would take to complete the work is too high. Another possibility is that you feel confident that you can remove the unpermitted work and not do any permanent harm to the house’s value.


This article has discussed what you need to know about selling a home with unpermitted work. It’s not always an ideal situation, but with the help of the right professional and making the correct decision, you can sell a house with unpermitted work.

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