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How to Spot a Great Education Recruiter

Oct 14, 2018 by

Educators hold the future of the next generations in their hands. So when a position opens up, it’s worthwhile to find the right person whose values are aligned with the school’s and who has the right skills and passion for the job.

Finding a great educator is one of the main reasons to use a recruiter or employment agency. How do you know that you’ve found the right one? Here are some signs of a great education recruiter.

Passionate About the Role

A great recruiter isn’t someone who is only in the job for the money. You’ll see their passion and dedication for finding the right person in their tone of voice and body language. These are the recruiters that are engaged in the process and take the time to listen to concerns and address your needs. They’ll take the time to assist with crafting an attractive job posting or help fill in the blanks about questions potential candidates will undoubtedly have.

When you’re looking at an employment agency or recruiter for a position in education, you’re looking for someone who understands the gravity of the role – someone who would want to find someone to teach their children.

Salesperson Charisma

Sales is often a part of the recruitment process. After all, your employment agency is more or less selling a position to a candidate or a candidate to you. That means they need to be able to communicate well and in a compelling manner to attract talent to your open role.

On the other side of the equation, you need to be aware of this skill throughout the recruitment process so that you aren’t sold on a candidate or position that isn’t a great fit. You’re looking for more of a Steve Jobs type storyteller than a caricature of a used car salesman.

Knowledge of the Industry

A great employment agency or recruiter will have in-depth knowledge of the industry, which is something both an employer and candidate should look for when using a recruiter. For an employment agency, this might mean knowing a golden ticket when they see it, being able to identify salary averages, and having a great understanding of the job market. An individual recruiter should have that information, and may even have a background in education to provide valuable insights.

Use your knowledge of the local education system when seeking an employment agency or recruiter with whom to work for this task, especially if you’re in a tough market.

Realistic About Expectations

Find a recruiter or employment agency that’s realistic about managing expectations. This ties into having knowledge of the industry and being a salesperson. Recruiting often takes time if you want to do the job right. If a recruiter knows that it’s a tough market and that the process will take a lot of time, they should indicate this rather than selling a quick solution. If they find your qualifications unreasonable given the current candidate pool, they should use their expertise to tell you so.

A recruiter should always be transparent and authentic, letting you know the truth even when the truth isn’t what you want to hear. If your qualifications are too narrow, they should say so rather than struggling to find someone who might not even want the job at the compensation point that you’re offering.

Integrity and Discretion

It’s important to find a recruiter or employment agency that prioritizes protecting the information of the hiring organization as well as the candidate. They do their job with integrity and discretion, rather than sharing personal details or gossiping about findings. They should be motivated by more than their paycheck and conduct business in a way that ensures long-term success for themselves and their clients.

Working with a recruiter or employment agency is an effective way to fill employment gaps efficiently, finding the right person for the job. In the field of education, having the right person on staff can make or break the school year.

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