How To Spot A Website That Is Safe To Use

Dec 16, 2019 by

These days, we need to be extra careful online or else we risk losing all of our data to hackers. As educators, it is likely that we have the data of other people, possibly young children in our hands and this is something which we need to protect even more.

When searching online for a site, you need to make sure that it is safe to use before you put in any of your details or the details of your students. Here, we are going to give you some of our tips to help spot a website that is safe to use. Keep reading to find out more.

Check For An SSL

One of the best ways that you can check for a website that is safe to use is to look for an SSL certificate. This is something which is quite easy to do because if a site has one, it’ll be right there on your browser. Sites can obtain an SSL in order to provide a secure connection. If you are ever entering details online or paying for something, you should keep an eye out for the SSL.

Do Some Research

If you are really not sure if a site is safe to use or not then don’t worry because you can usually find out online. A quick Google search will usually help you to find reviews of a business or a website that you are using. This is even more common if the site is dodgy as many people like to share this information with others. On the other hand, you could come across a site like this one that lists trusted online casinos. This will tell you which sites are safe to use and this is something which is quite common.

They Use Trusted Payment Methods

Another great sign that a site is safe to use is if they offer payment methods that you recognise. If you are paying for a product or a service and need to simply enter your card details then you risk giving out your information to scam artists. If you can pay with trusted methods like PayPal or Skrill then you’ll usually find that there is an extra level of security that will protect you. Look out for these trusted payment methods when buying anything for your students.

They Rank High

While this is not a fool proof method of finding a site that is safe to use, you’ll usually find that Google is quite good at spotting sites that are safe and relevant to what you need. If you do a specific search on a product and choose the right result, you’ll find that Google has allowed this ranking for a reason. This is something that you need to monitor, however, to be sure.

If you are looking for a website to use that is safe then you should make sure to look out for all of the signs that we have given you in this article.

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