How To Use FTP And What Are The Best FTP Software Solutions:

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How To Use FTP:

First, you will need an FTP login information that is username and password in order to connect to your site. The login information that is username and password you can find it from the email that you got when you signed up for web hosting account.

If you don’t have email you can get all these information from your cPanel dashboard otherwise ask the support and they will send you email again. Once you collect all the information you have to connect to your website.

The first step is to launch your FTP client on your computer and enter the FTP username and password host and click on the button named as connect. Remember that your host is normally your website URL. Your FTP client will connect using the plain protocol on port 21 if you do not enter anything in the port. You can also use port 22 to connect to your server by using SFTP

Best FTP Software:

  1. CloudMounter-FTP Client For MACOS:

As the name of Cloudmounter it shows that the cloudmounter is the cloud based file manager and you can connect the cloudmounter with the FTP servers in finder. It can connect with the finder and the cloud storage account gives you opportunity that you can operate them as an additional hard drive on your MAC. In my suggestion it is the best FTP software for MAC. That’s why this software is at the top of list.

  1. CuteFTP:

CuteFTP is designed for the MAC and Windows users. It is the free and open source app like others software like Cyberduck and WinSCP. CuteFTP comes with the three versions one is CuteFTP for windows and second is CuteFTP for windows with the feature of one-year maintenance and third is CuteFTP Pro for MAC and I recommend you to CuteFTP for windows it is the best for you.

CuteFTP comes with the advanced and the professional features and also with the FTP, FTPS, (SSL), HTTP, HTTPS (SSL) and SFTP (SSH2) and it also supports the OpenPGP encryption. It provides the feature of one-time password authentication. CuteFTP has the powerful scheduling and animation features for you.

  1. CoffeCup Free FTP:

This FTP software developed by the CoffeCup software company that is best in free HTML editor. It includes the everything that you need like file transfer, SSH transfer, editing of files and many more things. The CoffeCup FTP client user interface is customizable but there are the different kinds of adds in the free version of CoffeCup Free FTP client that’s why you have to use the paid version of it. It provides the amazing feature like the backup of your files to protect your files in the case of an accident.

  1. Fetch Softworks:

Fetch Softworks is the full-featured FTP client for the MAC users it supports both FTP and the sFTP file transfer protocol. It provides the shortcuts and dashboard widgets that make it easy to use and upload files and you can track the progress of upload files with the friendly user interface of Fetch Softworks FTP client.

  1. Classic FTP:

Classic FTP client is for the windows and the MAC users. It is easy to use and a perfect solution for the maintenance of your website. It is the advanced featured FTP client solution for the Windows and the MAC to manage and transfer files over an FTP SSL connection. Classic FTP client is compatible with all the major file transfer protocol service. It contains up to date copies

Of everything.

  1. AceFTP 3:

AceFTP 3 is developed by Visicom Media and it is a free FTP client. It has a simple user interface and provides you the drag and drop option to transfer files between folders on your computer or on the web. AceFTP 3 has the feature that the ability to resume the broken transfer, files, website and file management, and also support the multiple file transfer. A paid and free both versions of AceFTP client are available on the market.

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