How to Use Grass Edge Trimmer

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One of the best ways to instantly improve the aesthetic of your landscape is by utilizing a grass edge trimmer. Grass edge trimmers do a wonderful job of perfecting the borders along your driveways and sidewalks. Lawnmowers are not designed for this exact work and cannot do nearly the job of the specially designed grass edge trimmer. Keep in mind, however, that the machine at hand still requires human control and basic knowledge of use. To get the best results and work safely, it is important to learn the basics of how to operate such a useful tool.

How to Use a Grass Edge Trimmer


Before delving into the steps of using a grass edge trimmer, we should first identify the variety that they come in. Grass edge trimmers, like any other outdoor appliance tool, come in many different forms. Before using and/or purchasing one, keep in mind factors such as brand, blade diameter, and whether you’re dealing with electric, battery powered, or gas model. It is easiest to categorize them into two main categories. These are pole single-wheel edgers and walk behind multi-wheel edgers. If you’re confused, you should choose the kind you get based on the lawn size you’re dealing with. If you have a semi-large lawn it is best to use walk behind multi-wheel edgers. These generally have a powerful gas powered or battery engine with wider blades. If your lawn is smaller, or if you will be exclusively using it for flower beds, it is better to roll with pole single-wheel edgers. These usually have smaller blades for greater precision and are usually powered manually.

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Operating Electrically Powered Edgers (walk behind)

This kind of edger is arguably the simplest kind to use. Here are the steps of use:

1. Make sure the blade is in the high position by lifting the lever

2. Plug the edgers cord into a power outlet

3. If required, power on the edger by pressing a button, flipping switch etc.

4. Align one of the edgers wheels with the edge of the sidewalk/driveway and slowly walk forward with the blade lowered

That is all that is necessary with an electrically powered edger. However, if you’re going to use this tool on something like a flowerbed, there will not be any perfect edge to follow. This will require you to freehand the edge. The more you practice, the better you will get at this.

Operating Gas Powered Edgers (walk behind)

1. Fill the tank with an adequate amount of gasoline, usually by unscrewing a cap on top of the machine

2. Make sure the blade is in the high position by lifting the lever

3. Position the outside wheel on the edge of the border

4. Start the engine and slowly move forward with the edger. Starting the engine usually requires pressing a button or pulling a string with a handle before the motor turns on

While this kind of edger is not the best for flower beds, it can still be used the same way electric edgers are. You can also lower the blade as much as you’d like as you move along.

Operating Battery Powered Edgers (walk behind)

1. Charge your edger to an adequate level using the provided dock station or however the manual instructs

2. Shift the blade to a high position with the lever

3. Position the outside wheel on the edge of the border

4. Turn on the machine, usually by holding onto a grip or pressing a button, and slowly move forward along the border

Operating Pole Single-Wheel Edgers

These kinds of grass edgers usually involve no engine. While the same idea and basic steps apply, these tools are usually exclusively man-powered. While it can take much longer to complete the job, these tend to be more precise, involve less upkeep and are more affordable. Here are the steps of proper use:

1. Stake the spiked wheel in between the border your working with

2. Using a good amount of force, roll the edger back and forth across the border

3. Intermittently clean the spikes with a towel


The difference that a grass edger can have on the appearance of your yard and flowerbeds is very surprising. These tools are generally pretty self-explanatory and easy to operate but take a few times to perfect and really get used to. After edging your borders you should always hose the area down for it to look the best. Every type of grass edger has its own advantages and disadvantages, along with differences in their steps of use. Please be careful when using equipment like this. Happy landscaping!

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