How to Use Stage LED Lights Properly

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If there is a stage, then there is a party! And what does a party look like? It looks like a happy place on earth with great lights all over them, right? Yes! The stage is considered to be the main eye-catcher of any party or event. Thus, the use of LED lights will only highlight the mood and setting of the stage.

Furthermore, it is also important that you know how to organize the LED lights. This includes their proper positioning, correct combination of lighting colors, the mood of the party and more. So, whether you are a beginner or not, we have the information that you need to set up your stage LED lights below! Check them out.

  1. Get LED Lights that Best Matches the Theme of the Event

This is the first thing that you have to consider in using LED lights for your stage<do-follow> . You have to match the light colors with the theme of the party. Make sure that the lights used for the stage is already a statement of what the party is all about. For example, you have to use LED lights that are steady and mild in colors for events that involve church gatherings, or anything formal.

On the other hand, the use of side lights is meant for any stage production that involves dancing, singing, or any presentation that involves movements. Additionally, there are a variety of LED lights that you can use for stage lighting. Check the three main types of stage LED lights below to find out of their usage in every event.

  • LED Par Cans

LED Par cans is a type of LED lights that give a clear rounded light. They are composed of high-quality materials that are modern in style for various events. They have a moving head feature with LEDs attached to perform best in pointing the people performing on stage or for beam effects. Furthermore, the LEDs attach can be in different colors to accommodate the lighting needs of the event.

  • LED Strip Lights

This is the best type of stage LED lights used for church events. They are usually placed or hanged to light up the stage. However, in most cases where you have to use a backdrop for videos and other designs on stage, you can best depend on them. All you need to is to mount them at the back of your desired designs.

  • Moving Head LED Lights

You can often see moving head LED lights used in concerts and theatres that involves a lot of movement on the stage. The good thing about these LED lights is that they come in different features. If you need a stage light that can zoom the whole stage, get the moving LED lights with zooming effects.

If you need different vibrant colors to change every mood of the stage scene, then get the ones that have a variety of colors. This mainly depends on what moving lights you need best for your stage.

You must not fail to match these LED lights together with the theme of the events. For doing so will ruin everything that you have prepared for the party.

  1. Consider the Lighting Positions of Your LED Lights

Right after you buy your desired stage LED lights, their positioning comes next. In positioning your LED lights, you have to consider the placement of things and people that will be performing on the stage. You can either place them in front, at the back, on the sides or joined together. For stage plays or concerts, all positions should be filled in order to accommodate the scenes that are happening anywhere on the stage.

Always remember that keeping the stage well-lit without giving too much brightness is a must. The focus should be on the stage, which means that if the illumination overlaps, it can ruin the presentation.

  1. Choose LED Lights with Advanced Features

Surely you have read the types of stage LED lightings mentioned above. With regards to their unique features and functions, there are still other things you have to consider to get the best stage LED lights. Take a look at these things below:

  • Energy Efficient

Naturally, LED lights are energy-efficient and will not cost more electric bills, unlike the traditional lights. So, it would be best to choose the ones that have a low amount of power to save electric consumption when handling the event.

  • Low Heat

This is the number 1 problem when using stage lights. Some lights tend to produce heat that is very uncomfortable to feel when you’re the one on the stage. Always remember that if an LED light has low power consumption, they will also produce low heat in the process.

  • Handy with Color Effects

If you travel far from the event set of the stage, it would best to get LED lights that are portable or handy. Additionally, you have to choose the ones with the color effects that don’t affect the weight of the LED lights.


You can now start preparing the LED lights of your stage, whatever the event may be! With the accurate guide mentioned above, you can forever rock your stage with the proper use of LED lights!

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