How To Write An Essay And Its Important Parts

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There are 4 major literary genres under the modern vision: narrative, lyrical, dramatic and didactic. Each of them comprises subgenres or also called literary forms. The essay is part of the didactic subgenres. This gives the writer freedom to analyze, interpret or evaluate the selected topic.

Keep in mind that modern essays are written in prose, they are usually brief, but there are exceptions where they tend to be extensive.

What is an essay:

The essay is a way to communicate our ideas, with regard to concerns, concepts, interpretations, reflections, questions and analysis of a given topic, supported by arguments. Mostly essays are given as assignment in college or universities and some students don’t have skills to write essay that’s why all these students take help from the different essay writing companies, those companies who provide the someone write my essay but In this article I will explain all the important things about essay writing. After reading this article you will be able to write an essay by yourself.

The essay can be classified depending on the criteria applied when writing it, this can be: a critical, scientific, poetic-literary, argumentative, philosophical, affirmative essay.

The trial is characterized by:

Not having a fixed extension, this is variable, everything depends on the author and the subject to be treated. Although do not forget that almost always point to this is short, easy to understand for the reader and not to become something monotonous, nor tired reading.

Its free form of expression helps to reflect sensitivity, creativity, imagination. Sustaining in the logical, conceptual and methodological rigor that the investigation and the study of the facts give.

Do not provide solutions to problems, the idea of ​​the essay is to formulate concerns and questions of a topic in reality, give original ideas or suggest theories.

When writing the essay, you must present the ideas clearly and without contradictions, write the topic in an organized manner and with consistency in what you explain, present valid arguments to support the problem. To perform an essay in an organized way, it is advisable to take into account some minimum elements that integrate it and give it body.

Parts of an essay:

The following structure is recommended, whose components are:


Look for this to be striking, enter keywords, let see what topic is being discussed, for this reason expected to finish the trial and at the end define the title.


It is the open mouth for the reader to be motivated and interested to continue reading and learn more about the subject. Start by giving a broad idea and take it carefully to show the subject of the essay, mention the purpose and reasons that made you write on the subject. Use a clear, familiar language. Be as explicit as possible.


It refers to the beginning of the writing and support of the topic to be treated in the essay, all this with an exposition of the ideas in an orderly and logical manner.


This is the closing to the essay, it is the synthesis to the hypothesis raised or to the ideas developed, it is to give its opinion to the exposed arguments. Here the author presents the final idea of ​​the writing in a short way.

Guidelines to keep in mind:

When submitting the essay, keep in mind the following guidelines:

All written ideas must be supported by valid arguments.

  • In the essay you must capture your ideas, but combine these with arguments from other authors so that yours are supported.
  • Keep in mind that when using concepts or ideas from other authors, you must present the bibliography and the corresponding citations.
  • It is important that the ideas to be expressed relate in a coherent and logical way.
  • You cannot forget that for a good writing and presentation it is important the handling of grammar rules and the correct use of punctuation.
  • Before starting the writing of the essay, clarify your ideas, read other authors who talk about the topic, make a conceptual map that is a guide for the development of your essay. Never forget the main idea you have, specify the sources that will help you to argue your ideas.
  • The best tactic you can use to start the development of the essay is to write the first paragraph creating expectation and interest to the reader for the issue or problem you are going to deal with. And the final paragraph must be written to create new concerns for the reader about the topic read.
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