How Western Intellectual Values Have Gone Haywire

Aug 15, 2013 by

by Barry Rubin –

“First make sure you’re right, then go ahead.” –Davy Crockett, 1836


It is adding insult to injury to claim that I or someone else would have more credibility if I didn’t write for a “right-wing site.” This is an extraordinarily important way that the debate is being narrowed and dummied up.


First, of course, I would never make a parallel argument. What matters is whether the claims have credibility. Does it make sense? Is it internally consistent? Does it correspond with otherwise known information? This is the path of logic, of the Enlightenment. Reputation of the author might be a useful factor, too.


An argument from al-Qaida can be quite correct regardless of where it comes from. Thus, this approach is part of the de-rationality of Western thought today. It is a weapon: disregard everything that comes from a source that disagrees with you on other issues.


Incidentally, while some have told me that my language is too intemperate at times in criticizing Obama, I note that they have not been any more successful in changing views or even–whenever they speak out clearly–getting their ideas (as opposed to technical expertise) to the public.


Second, if I wanted to write about the so-called demographic threat (which I can prove in five minutes is nonsense) or write that Israel must make peace right away, I could publish it in the New York Times.

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So first they bar certain arguments from the mass media and then they say that if you persist in making certain arguments this proves bias because of the few remaining and smaller places you are allowed to appear. In other words, first you bar people and arguments; then you say that the fact that they are barred proves that they — not you — are the biased ones.


Let me tell you a story. In 1991 Senator Charles Percy, a man who was then highly regarded and considered himself something of an expert on the Middle East, said he didn’t understand why the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein didn’t withdraw from Kuwait. After all, said Percy, wouldn’t some intelligence chief or general tell him that he was going to be defeated?


This was abject ignorance. If someone had done so — told Saddam he was wrong — the man would have been lucky if he was only fired, and still pretty lucky if he wasn’t thrown into prison and tortured, of if he didn’t have his family punished or executed.


The supposed advantage of democracy is that the media, academia, and others speak — where did I hear this before? — truth to power. If you know you are not just going to be ignored, not just that you are going to be punished, but that nobody is going to hear you, that is a disincentive to doing so.


But this goes far beyond liberal or conservative; it sabotages the whole advantage of democracy. You couldn’t be an anti-fascist or anti-Communist in the 1930s until the elite officially accepted that? Maybe it would have been better to have voiced these concerns and have them heeded before December 7, 1941, or before September 11, 2001. Maybe it would have been better to have done something about it before tens of thousands of lives had been snuffed out internationally and blighted domestically, resources had been wasted, and society had been set back by decades.

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Is this really the best we can do in 2013?


Personally I am a social democrat/liberal/centrist/conservative, reading from left to right. What works works; what is true is true; what is wrong is wrong. Forgetting that rather basic fact has been very bad for the West. It’s called honest pragmatism.

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