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“Hush Up, You Lefties: Enough Is Enough”

By Donna Garner



Enough is enough!  People out here in the “real world” understand full well what happens when a boss loses confidence in an employee. If the employee has made repeated mistakes and has hurt the organization by his/her poor decisions, then the boss builds a file of documentation to support her/his concerns; and the employee is fired.



President Trump (along with nearly everyone who lives in the “real world”) recognized that FBI Director Comey made a terrible blunder back on July 15, 2016 when he laid out the case to prove that Hillary Clinton had committed felonious actions.  From Comey’s testimony regarding the e-mails on Hillary’s unsecured server:



110 e-mails in 52 chains – Classified at the time

8 e-mails – Top Secret at the time

36 e-mails — Secret at the time

8 e-mails — Confidential at the time



After strongly stating his well-documented laundry list of the illegal actions committed by Hillary, Comey should have delivered the investigative files to the Justice Department and stepped away.  Instead, he went way beyond the authority of the FBI Director, usurped the Attorney General’s responsibility, and stated Hillary would not be prosecuted.  Then Comey sent out a press release that tried to justify why he felt he had the right to be both “judge and jury.” He did not have that right nor authority, and the rank-and-file FBI agents knew it.



President Trump undoubtedly knew it also, and he probably realized right then that Comey would not be suitable to continue as the FBI Director. However, Trump tried to give Comey a chance to redeem himself.  Trump also needed to get his appointees in place before taking any drastic action; but because the Democrats decided to become the party of obstructionism, Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions (the FBI Director’s boss) was not confirmed until 2.8.17.



The obstructionists have subsequently made it hard for Sessions to get his Justice Department staff confirmed; meanwhile, the “last straw” for both Sessions and Trump must have occurred when Comey at the Senate Judiciary hearing on 5.3.17 misstated the number of discovered Hillary Clinton e-mails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. This caused the FBI to have to submit a “correction” letter so that the Congressional record could be changed. What an embarrassment for the FBI and its Director, and it also hurt the FBI’s credibility even more with the public and with Trump.   



Everyone who watches the news knows about Comey’s many blunders; and we all understand why Trump and Sessions had to take action to fire an incompetent, politicized, egotist whose important agency (FBI) is meant to uncover terrorist threats before they erupt.



Now the left-wing Democrats and their minions in the news media are aghast that Trump had the veracity to fire Comey (even though many of those same Democrats have called Comey almost every name in the book).  Such hypocrisy!




We in the public “get it.” We understand that Trump had to make the decision to fire Comey.  If Trump had allowed Comey to keep his FBI Directorship, it would have been similar to a boss leaving a totally incompetent employee in place with everyone in the company knowing he is unfit. Leaving such people in place ruins morale and makes employees distrust the competence of the boss!




We Americans do not have to doubt the competence of our “boss.”  President Trump did exactly the right thing, and he did it to try to keep all Americans safe even though he knew the Democrats would use the firing of Comey to stir up more trouble.



My advice to the public: When you read or watch the left-wingers spew their outrageous lies, just control your environment; change over to news sites and programming that will give you hope for the future of our nation under President Trump.



The fewer readers and viewers the left-wingers have, the more likely it is that they will be forced to shut down their operations for lack of public support.



Here is an authentic news story that puts together in one article the 10 major scandals for which Comey was responsible:




5.10.17 – “10 Major FBI Scandals Under Comey’s Watch” – Grabien News

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    Barry Stern

    Remember, J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI’s first and founding director, had so much “dirt” on high officials that presidents who thought about firing him chickened out. All the more reason to find a highly competent ethical leader with the best judgment for this key position. Comey’s judgment lapses were sufficiently severe to warrant his dismissal. If he had simply treated the Clinton email scandal like any other federal employee with a security clearance, and avoided the media, he likely would have kept his job.

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