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Councilman Deaver files to run for Waco mayor; 2 other incumbents ...

“Hysteria-Driven Waco Mayor Deaver and Other Leaders Have Hurt Families and Their Future Dreams”

By Donna Garner


Mayor Kyle Deaver of Waco (Texas), the Waco City Council, and the McLennan County Commissioners have been getting their information from the wrong places and have spread panic while destroying people’s financial dreams for the future.   

At the time that Mayor Deaver declared the emergency proclamation to shelter-in-place (to be effective at 11:59 P. M. on 3.23.20), guess how many patients had died in McLennan County of COVID-19.  Exactly ZERO.

To this very day (3.26.20), guess how many patients have died in McLennan County of COVID-19.  Again ZERO!

As I stated in an article that I wrote on 3.23.20: 

So that we can put numbers into something better understood: 

The U. S. has just over 35,300 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 473 deaths. If we divided that by 50 states, that would be 9.46 deaths per state.

Thus far this flu season, the CDC has recorded 36 million flu cases in the U. S. with 22,000 deaths.  If we divided that by 50 states, that would be 440 deaths from this year’s flu!


The fact is that COVID-19 is definitely more contagious than flu.  However, people younger than around 20 typically do not die from COVID-19, but people of all ages do die from flu.  Thankfully, the large majority of those who contract COVID-19 do get well.  Most of them do not require hospitalization but are able to get over COVID-19 while staying at home.  What we must do to keep our perspective is to focus on the number of deaths from COVID-19 which are actually quite low.

Question: Based upon the very few deaths from COVID-19 across the United States, should we shut down the entire country and throw ourselves into bankruptcy for many years to come? 

Falling for the mass hysteria that has taken over our nation, the Mayor and the Waco City Council decided to extend the shelter-in-place for another week until April 7 – another bad decision. 

Not one time in the Emergency Declaration issued by the Mayor’s office is there a single mention of the very hopeful anti-malarial drugs that are producing amazing results throughout the world and also in the United States. 

As can be seen by going to my VALID RESOURCE LIST FOR COVID-19 SOURCES – 3.6.20 THROUGH 3.26.20 (https://www.educationviews.org/valid-resource-list-for-covid-19-sources-3-6-20-through-3-26-20/ ), the medical and scientific experts have been publicizing the good news about the two anti-malarial medications (hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine) for some time now.   

Mayor Deaver, the Waco City Council, and the McLennan County Commissioners needed to seek out up-to-date and valid information before throwing citizens into panic mode and destroying their funding steams.

To make matters worse, we now know where Mayor Deaver got his Shelter-in-Place Emergency Declaration – from Santa Clara, California.  Why of all places would he have decided to utilize information from California which is called “The Left Coast” for more than one reason!

Several questionable mandates are found in Deaver’s Emergency Declaration.  One of them is that liquor is considered an “Essential Business.” I guess this is to make it easier for depressed people (including alcoholics) who are trapped in their homes to make their drinking problems even worse, putting whole families at greater risk of violence.

 One of the most nonsensical mandates in the Declaration is that even though scientists at MIT have said COVID-19 is spreading more slowly in warmer climates where the UV rays from the sun are stronger [COVID-19 does not like the sun], Mayor Deaver decided to allow lawn mowing as an essential service but to ban those businesses that plant flowers and beautify landscaping. Both lawn mowing and flower planting are done out of doors where the UV rays are found; both should present a very low risk of COVID-19 transmission.

It is my opinion that the powerful liquor lobby was able to persuade Mayor Deaver and the Waco City Council to leave liquor stores open. However, no powerful lobbying group exists for those hard-working people (many of whom work for a nominal salary) who plant flowers and beautify street corners, parks, homes, and outdoor facilities all around the city. Those people have lost their stream of income because of nonsensical, hysteria-driven mandates by city leaders, such as Mayor Deaver, who have listened to the wrong sources.

“Elections do have consequences. Bad elections have bad consequences.”  Each time the election cycle rolls around, we need to remember the type of decisions that our elected leaders have made.

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    Boomer Lady

    Covid-19 is a cold virus. The annual flu is a flu virus. Eventually so many people will have caught this cold virus that 98% of its sufferers say is mild, and the small death numbers are totaled, that most people will look back on this quarantine and become really exasperated at the reaction. The only people that need to quarantine are those with a pre-existing condition that would make them a dead victim without segregating themselves from the rest of us.

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