I am a Librarian Not a Disciplinarian

Feb 21, 2020 by

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Dr. Leonard McCoy

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

Back in the good old days when Star Trek first came out- there was an ongoing joke from Dr. Leonard McCoy. In several episodes- which are located below, Dr. McCoy bellows out something when something unrealistic is required or requested from him. (source: http://www.st-minutiae.com/humor/doctorisms.html )

“What am I, a doctor or a moon shuttle conductor?” — “The Corbomite Maneuver” [TOS]

“I’m a doctor, not a flesh peddler.” — “Return of the Archons” [TOS]

“I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer!” — “The Devil in the Dark” [TOS]

“I’m a surgeon, not a psychiatrist.” — “The City on the Edge of Forever” [TOS]

“I’m a doctor, not a scientist.” — “Metamorphosis” [TOS]

“I’m a doctor, not a physicist.” — “Metamorphosis” [TOS]

“I’m a doctor, not an escalator.” — “Friday’s Child” [TOS]

“I’m a doctor, not a mechanic.” — “The Doomsday Machine” [TOS]

“I’m a doctor, not an engineer.” — “Mirror, Mirror” [TOS]

“I’m not a magician, Spock, just an old country doctor.” — “The Deadly Years” [TOS]

“I’m a doctor, not a coal miner.” — “The Empath” [TOS]

“I’m a doctor, not a mechanic.” — “The Empath” [TOS]

“Damn it, man, I’m a doctor, not a physicist!” — Star Trek

“Damn it, man, I’m a doctor, not a torpedo technician!” — Star Trek Into Darkness

Well it has come to my attention that certain school districts are using libraries and librarians as places to put students who are discipline problems. A librarian has extensive training, and coursework in, well, how to run a library and information services. Thus, they should not have to be monitoring students with attitude or discipline problems. Thus, I have developed a phrase, similar to that of Dr. Leonard McCoy to communicate that librarians are skilled personnel and do not have the training to be a martinet or strict disciplinarian. Thus, I have today named Feb 20th as

“I’m a Librarian not a Disciplinarian Day“

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