I don’t want to know the risk of sending my kids back to school

Aug 23, 2020 by

Maya Worman, from Carmel, writes that she’s taking comfort in her children’s back-to-school joy as she worries whether this was a good idea.

Maya Worman

Maya Worman –

I didn’t want to send my kids back to school, but I did.

So after 42 years of staking my identity on *not* caving to social pressure, I caved. At what cost though? I hope I never know. Because this time, it’s not my livelihood at stake, it’s my children’s.

Not only did I allow them to participate in America’s most recent short-sighted social experiment, I facilitated it. I bought the folders and the lunch box and the school shoes.

I caved because surely the schools wouldn’t open if they shouldn’t, surely the teacher’s union would protect the teachers from harm’s way if the harm was great enough? Surely the school administrators have calculated what is possible, and what is not. Surely. Right?

And surely my son’s pediatrician, or my daughter’s pediatric endocrinologist would have said “Don’t go!” instead of “Only you can decide what’s best.”

And surely my son — who like many kids abruptly isolated from their world where they are not just learning to academic standards, but learning how to be the people they want to be — has grown more and more sad over the course of the summer, surely he’ll be better off at school than in his dark room.

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