More Idiocy about “Political Correctness”

Dec 15, 2015 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

Well, as some of you know I have been writing about “political correctness ” in previous columns, and now I have encountered something that takes the proverbial cake. I lifted the item below from a GOPUSA page: ( which of course may be politically incorrect in and of itself):

Football players kneeling in prayer are called ‘putrid’ example of ‘Christian supremacy’

image A former U.S. Air Force officer has branded the ritual of military football players kneeling in prayer a “putrid” example of “Christian supremacy” and demanded it must stop.”

I don’t know who this ” former U.S. Air Force officer is but I doubt that he has ever played football.

And this is just an example of the thinking of these “politically correct pundits” extreme use of language ( putrid ) and taking things to the extreme and just using bizarre, absurd, illogical reasoning to denigrate something that is very simple, and making it into a political arena for whatever bizarre purpose this person has.

I am attaching the exact link below because sometimes these things are so illogical, so irrational, so inappropriate, so insane, so bizarre that one thinks that this kind of stuff could only come from one of those supermarket tabloids.

In any event, if an entire football team wants to kneel and hope and pray that no one gets injured or gets a concussion or a spinal cord injury, well, I think they should be allowed to do so. It is not any kind of act of “Christian supremacy” and my thoughts and prayers go out to that team ( if this event truly existed- in this day and age one wonders if anything that one reads is truly the truth or actually happened) .

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