Ilhan Omar Caught In Another Lie, She Really Does Support BDS

Nov 18, 2018 by

Robert Spencer –

The Forward reported Tuesday that many of the Jewish supporters of newly elected Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) “were grappling with remarks her office made on Sunday to a website called MuslimGirl, claiming that Omar supported the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel.

They were concerned because “this seemed like a bait-and-switch to many Jewish Minnesotans: When she was asked at an August primary debate held in a synagogue to specify ‘exactly where you stand’ on BDS, Omar said that BDS was ‘not helpful in getting that two-state solution’ — never explaining that she in fact supported the policy.”

The BDS movement is frankly neo-Nazi in its goals, as the Nazis staged nationwide boycotts of Jewish-owned businesses early in the life of the Third Reich. So Ilhan Omar had every reason to distance herself from this movement before the election, although with anti-Semitism on the rise and hatred of Israel becoming a requirement for prominent Democrats, she may have overestimated the political cost of coming out in favor of the BDS movement before the election.

But even if she did, now the soon-to-be Representative Omar has nothing to lose by making it absolutely clear where she stands. Not that it ever really should have been a mystery to Jewish Minnesotans: the hijabed (and therefore pro-Sharia) Omar, meanwhile, is venomously hateful toward Israel and its supporters. According to the Daily Wire, in 2012 Omar tweeted: “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel. #Gaza #Palestine #Israel.”

Challenged about this tweet much more recently, she doubled down and attacked the man who called attention to the tweet: “Drawing attention to the apartheid Israeli regime is far from hating Jews. You are a hateful sad man, I pray to Allah you get the help you need and find happiness.”

Despite all this, Rabbi Avi Olitzky of Beth El Synagogue in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, who hosted a debate featuring Omar last August, was still hopeful that the new Representative would turn out not to be a BDS supporter. “She’s either misrepresenting or misunderstanding,” said Olitzky. “And I hope to be able to have a dialogue with her that clarifies which of those is the nature of her stance. Just as I have with all of our previous elected officials, I hope to be able to continue a dialogue once Congresswoman-elect Omar is in office. However, this starts her tenure off on the wrong foot.”

Yes it does, and everyone in her district should have seen it coming, for there is a great deal more that is unsavory about Ilhan Omar. David Steinberg of PJ Media has done extraordinary work in shedding light on aspects of Omar’s record that the establishment media has steadfastly ignored. Steinberg reports that Omar has “faced allegations — soon backed by a remarkable amount of evidence — that she had married her own brother in 2009, and was still legally his wife. They officially divorced in December 2017. The motivation for the marriage remains unclear. However, the totality of the evidence points to possible immigration fraud and student loan fraud.” What’s more, she swore to apparent falsehoods in court.

But Leftists rarely have to answer for their corruption, and in a Democrat House, Omar will much more likely be celebrated than investigated. She and her fellow new Muslim Representative Tlaib (D-Michigan) will enjoy establishment media accolades as they pursue their hard-Left, anti-American, anti-Israel agenda. Their presence in the House of Representatives may be evidence of “diversity,” but it is also a disquieting sign of the continued dominance of identity politics, and the increasing balkanization of the American body politic. Forthrightly pro-America, pro-Israel candidates would stand little to no chance in either of their districts. And that is indicative of a much larger problem.

Source: Robert Spencer: Ilhan Omar Caught In Another Lie, She Really Does Support BDS – Geller Report

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