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5.18.20 – Campaign for Working Families

“Congressman Ilhan Omar and Her Evil Influence on Her Daughter” and “Open the Schools

From Gary Bauer

Excerpts from this newsletter:

She Said What?!
You know who Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is.  She’s a Somali refugee who was rescued from a Kenyan camp and came to the United States with her family when she was 10. 
I don’t know what was going on in her life as she grew up here, but she’s vying to be the worst ingrate on the American scene.  She’s devoted her entire adult life to trashing the country that saved her, the nation where she managed to go from refugee camp to Congress.
  What more was she expecting? 
You probably don’t know who Isra Hirsi is.  She’s a 17 year-old environmental activist, co-founder of the radical green group U.S. Climate Strike.  She’s also an avowed communist.  On her twitter profile, she declared, “Yes I am 17 and I hate capitalism.”
And she’s also Ilhan Omar’s daughter.  Apparently, Omar has managed to instill her anti-Americanism in her daughter. 
Hirsi went on Tik Tok a couple of days ago and called U.S. soldiers “bitches” and baby killers.  How ironic that she chose a social media platform that is controlled by communist Chinese interests to disparage U.S. soldiers.  Sadly, millions of young Americans use Tik Tok.  (Parents, wake up!)
It was particularly disgusting and ironic that she was insulting the brave young men and women who protect her while children are being murdered.  There was a vicious attack on a maternity ward in Afghanistan recently.  The radical Islamists killed mothers and their new born babies. 
Outside of abortion clinics in the western world, the biggest killers of babies and children are radical Islamists.  They don’t do it by accident, which sometimes happens in war.  They do it intentionally to inflict terror.  (Here, here and here.)
Isra Hirsi should take a deep breath before accusing the U.S. military of doing what the most radical of her co-religionists routinely engage in around the world.
By the way, I’m waiting for Hirsi to post a Tik Tok rant condemning China for holding millions of Muslims in
concentration camps

Open The Schools
As Covid-19 has ravaged the country, we’ve learned a lot in the last four months. 
We now know that children under 18 can get the disease, but for the most part they do not suffer serious consequences.  In fact, one analysis found that young people are far more likely to die from accidental drownings than Covid.
When it became obvious that children were not at serious risk, some argued that children were efficient transmitters of the disease, and they would infect parents and grandparents.  Well, maybe not.
Denmark and Norway have reopened their schools and they are not experiencing a spike in coronavirus cases.  Australia just released a study of 18 Covid cases involving teachers and students.  In spite of this group having 863 contacts, only two additional people caught the virus from the original group of 18. 
This study is now being consulted by the British government as it considers reopening its schools.  Michael Gove, whom I met when he served as the British equivalent of our Secretary of Education, said over the weekend:
“The clear scientific and clinical advice is that it is safe to have schools reopen, accompanied with social distancing.  Children only have one chance at education.  Over the course of the last decade we’ve made significant strides in closing the gap between the richest and the poorest in our schools.  This lockdown has put that backwards.
“If you really care about children, you’ll want them to be in schools. You will want them to be learning. You will want them to have new opportunities.”
One of the greatest blessings any child can have is loving parents who are there to protect them.  But it is a dangerous world.  Before the coronavirus, there were other diseases, gangs, violence and just random accidents.  We can’t raise a generation of children by hiding them in our homes.
In this case, the scientific evidence is telling us that there are far greater dangers to your children than Covid-19.


[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  We have supported Gary Bauer’s Campaign for Working Families for years because his newsletters provide us with the very best, up-to-date, and accurate information available. The above are just excerpts from today’s newsletter, and there were other equally important segments in it.  

If you want to stay current on the “real news” from someone in D. C. who is a conservative insider, please consider signing up for Gary Bauer’s newsletters.  Please go to the bottom of this URL ( to select your choice.]

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