Illinois’ student exodus should drive a higher ed overhaul 

Sep 13, 2017 by

The exodus of students should drive a reorganization of Illinois higher ed campuses with different specialties.

Now that Illinois finally has a budget, we imagine that college presidents across the state will be trooping to Springfield with their hands out for money. They may remind lawmakers and the governor that eight years ago, Illinois pols approved a plan to sprinkle millions of dollars on state public university campuses for new construction projects. Among them: a $72 million performing arts center for Western Illinois University. A $57 million advanced tech building for University of Illinois at Chicago. A $54 million visual arts center for Illinois State. A $40 million satellite campus for Chicago State. A $71 million education building for Northeastern Illinois.

All of those projects eventually stalled as the state’s capital funds ran out and its budget woes deepened. Illinois spent more than $14 million toward these five major projects that never emerged from the planning phase, according to a review of the state’s capital budget by the Tribune’s Peter Matuszak.

Source: Illinois’ student exodus should drive a higher ed overhaul – Chicago Tribune

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