Impact of Automation

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We are moving towards another revolution. We popularly call it as Automation. When we speak about automation to those who are not in the IT field they do not understand it very well. They say maybe robots will do most of the work in the future. Well, that’s partly correct. But to give you a better idea let us take some examples from our daily lives. Most of us did not notice but very silently SIRI and ALEXA have entered our lives. You ask anything and they get the answer to you. In the 90s and early 2000, we use to imagine bots talking to us. But that has become a reality. This is just the beginning and we do not know what is going to happen in the future.

Impact of Automation on Jobs

Definitely, automation will take away jobs however initially those jobs which are mostly repetitive in nature. Or the jobs which are done by less qualified staff we would see impact starting in the early 2020 and it might replace up to 30-40% less skilled jobs all over the world by mid-2030 – 2040.

So how this will happen?

Let us take some very simple examples. Chabot’s will completely replace the customer care service. Tasks such as Data Entry, Generating Pay Slips, and Submitting Income Tax will be taken over by Machine Learning algorithms. Stuff such as Toll Plazas, Traffic Control will entirely be controlled by bots, AI, etc.

This is just the tip of an iceberg. There so many things which can be done by AI systems, Robots, Machines, etc.

However, humans will still control highly technical jobs or the jobs which demands a sensitive level of decision makings. Automation will create jobs as well. So people will have to change the skillsets in the next 10 years. There can be jobs which we might not have even imagined in the early 2000s.

Impact on Education

Can automation replace Teachers? Well not in the next 10 years. However Robots/AI systems will enter the schools as well. Hence educational bodies should prepare well ahead. They should the curriculum accordingly.

Students aspiring to pursue professional courses such as Engineering, CA Course, MBA, BMS Course, Medical, etc. should know the changes going on around them and should get ready to adapt to changes. Moreover, these professions would demand a consistent upgrade of the skillsets of the professionals. Students should be allowed to interact with automated tools, AI systems or Machine Learning so that they are aware of the changes happening around them.

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