Important Things to Know About a Canadian Pardon

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A criminal record is something that lives with you for a long period of time, unless you opt for record suspension in Canada. It is important to do so because living life with a criminal record can be very difficult.

You will have difficulty in getting jobs, traveling abroad and even in your love life if you have a bad criminal history. This is why you need to consider Canadian pardon, a system that allows you to clear your past criminal record if you meet the required criteria. However, it is not that easy and you need to be aware of a few things to be able to qualify for pardon.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at some important things to know about a Canadian pardon:

Can You Get Your Normal Life Back Without Getting A Canadian Pardon?

The answer is in negative. When you are labeled as a criminal in Canada then you are looked upon as a bad person.

Background checks have become quite common when you are trying to get a job or get enrolled in an institute to study.

These background checks are done to make sure that a person doesn’t have any criminal history. However, background checks are a nightmare for people with criminal history who do not have a Canadian pardon.

This becomes a reason for their rejection. Therefore, a Canadian pardon is necessary if you wish to have your normal life back.

What You Need To Do To Be Eligible For A Canadian Pardon?

Let’s have a look:

  • Complete The Sentence: Many people think that a Canadian pardon is not actually a pardon because you have to complete your sentence entirely to be eligible for applying for a pardon before Canada’s jurisdiction.

However, getting a pardon opens gates to many benefits and marks a criminal clean. Therefore, the first step to be able to plea for a pardon is to complete the sentence.

  • Being Patient: In Canada, criminals need to prove that they have changed after they complete their punishment.

The Canadian government doesn’t give a pardon just like that. The government makes sure that the person has changed and will not be a threat to anyone in the future before awarding pardon.

The check takes a few years, and this time period is called the waiting time. The waiting time largely depends upon the type and level of crime you’ve committed.

For less serious crimes committed such as driving without a license, road accidents et.c, the waiting time is 5 years.

In case, a person commits a serious crime such as murdering someone or a crime of equal extent, the waiting time is 10 or more years.

When Should You Apply For A Pardon?

There’s a specific time to apply for a pardon in Canada, you can’t just plea for a pardon out of the blue.

Once you’ve completed your sentence and served a good waiting time then the time’s right. The average time taken for Canadian Jurisdiction to process through a pardon plea is 1-2 years.

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