Important Things to Learn as a CFO and Startup Owner

Jan 6, 2017 by

In recent years, more business owners and Chief Finance Officers have been choosing to go back to school. The reason behind this big shift is because there are new techniques, theories, skills and knowledge that can only be picked up through formal courses. The same shift is the reason why the finance masters degree online is very popular today. Top universities such as Northeastern University are adding key knowledge such as valuation, digital currency and financial information security into their online finance degree programs to help startup owners and CFOs perform better in the future.

If you are pursuing a career in finance, understanding how valuation is done is an important skill to have. Every startup – both new and existing ones – needs finance professionals that can perform valuation effectively using one of the three existing methods.


To find out more about the subject, be sure to review the Key to Valuation infographic by Northeastern University.

Northeastern University’s Online Master of Science in Finance

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