The Most Important Posting Online This Year!

Feb 24, 2016 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

As readers know, I get many, many things sent to me via e-mail and many, many links and articles and books, and papers and tests sent to me for my review or perusal.

Today, I received what I consider to be the most important thing that I have encountered so far this year. And to tell the truth, it made me feel very uncomfortable.

The issues raised in this posting are relevant and salient to all of us, but most particularly to those in colleges and universities across America.
The issue is that of “free speech“ and what people can say, shouldn’t say, and what may be deemed inappropriate to say and what someone may consider to be politically incorrect to say.  Taking that one step further, one has to look at the ramifications and repercussions of saying something that someone, somewhere, somehow, may take offense to, and complain that it makes them feel “ uncomfortable “

(I am waiting to hear some student indicate that when I use the words, test, quiz, examination or assessment, that these words make them feel “uncomfortable”. And going along those same lines, I am concerned that if I use the words “term paper” that those words will REALLY make them feel uncomfortable).

Anyway, below is the posting from our colleague George Leef of the Pope Center, and he cogently, concisely addresses some issues regarding free speech. I strongly suggest and encourage everyone in higher education to read this most provocative article.

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