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Being a translator is not a simple job, and knowing the language is never enough. It is very important to revise the translation when you are done and proofread it as well. We are going to share with you some useful tips that could help you with your next translation project.

Review all the documents

Before you start a translation you need to make sure that you reviewed all the documents properly. Check the instructions and see if any particular approaches are required. You should begin translating a document only after you are comfortable with the material.

Use everything that could help you

When you are working on a translation you should use all the resources available. Use dictionaries and the Internet if needed. If you are sent a glossary it is vital that you use it.

In some cases, you might even consider hiring a pro. Working with a professional service such as this New York-based firm can be incredibly helpful. When you hire a translation service you need to make sure that the people you are going to work with have plenty of experience. If you are working on a large project you might want to consider hiring a big agency.


You must be familiar with the topic and you should do a little bit of research on your own. For example, if you have to translate a document related to technology you might want to look up the terminology for it. If you are translating for a company, try to find the company’s website that is available in that language.


The file format is something that you need to pay attention to. Bad formatting might be a real inconvenience for your client, so do your best to follow the instructions. Even if your translation is good, they might need to reconstruct everything if you did not respect the format. This is something that you should avoid, unless you want to risk losing clients.


When you are finished translating a document, the job is not over yet. You need to use a spellchecker on it and see if there are any mistakes or typos. After you do this, you have to read the entire text one more time. Keep the original nearby so you can make comparisons.

Look carefully at the source so you can make sure that you haven’t skipped any parts. This is also the right time to check if there are any formatting issues. There are plenty of online tools that can help you find out whether there are any segments that were left untranslated. You can also use this kind of tools of in-depth checks.

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