Improving early literacy right place to start

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Education in Michigan is falling behind, rapidly racing toward bottom

The start of a new school year is usually greeted with a great deal of optimism among teachers, parents and students alike. My own daughter is starting kindergarten this month, and her excitement is contagious.

Like all parents, I hope and expect she will grow a lot over the next year, and master new skills and gain new confidence. Hoping for the best for my daughter, and for all children in Michigan, though, does not blind me to the fact that public education in the state is in a crisis, a years-long downward spiral heading to the bottom.

The research on this is clear: education in Michigan is not just failing to keep up with the rest of the country; we are rapidly racing toward the bottom. For example, in fourth-grade reading, Michigan students have fallen from 30th in the country in 2005 to 41st in 2015.

Many parents and school leaders comfort themselves by thinking that while there may be problems in the schools overall, their own local schools are probably doing fine. But the data show that’s not true.

Source: Column: Improving early literacy right place to start

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