In budget debacle, Whitmer proves an ally to none

Oct 7, 2019 by

“At this point, nothing surprises me about Whitmer. The question is how many campaign promises will she leave unfulfilled?”

Welcome to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s world, where promises are meant to be broken, and where people and vulnerable communities are used for political stunts in front of the lights and cameras.

That is what the budget debacle in Lansing has shown. More importantly, it shows that the governor is not an ally to anyone but to herself. She will do whatever makes sense for her own political survival, but nothing concrete to help the folks she used as props during the campaign.

I wasn’t shocked to see Whitmer use autistic children in the tug of war between her and the Republican leadership over the direction of the budget. Budgets are a moral statement about your priorities and values. They reveal what you stand for, and what you perceive as irrelevant.

The fact that Whitmer is willing to remove a $1 million line item on the budget that helps parents with autistic children says a lot about how far she will go to prove a point.

And autistic kids are not only in the suburbs. There are many parents with autistic kids in Detroit and Wayne County who like their counterparts in the suburbs equally benefit from the Autism Navigator, the hotline that provides counseling for families which the governor deemed necessary to eliminate as a power move against Republicans.

The elimination of the Pure Michigan campaign was also ill-advised. I recall when former Gov. Jennifer Granholm unveiled the Pure Michigan campaign on the campus of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Since then it has been an effective and popular effort to boost the state’s tourism.

Source: Bankole: In budget debacle, Whitmer proves an ally to none

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