In Florida, vouchers win ground, but courts may have ultimate say

May 12, 2019 by

School choice is a rallying cry for Republicans and the Trump administration. Florida is leading the voucher charge at the state level and could be an indicator of how increasingly conservative courts will test constitutional boundaries.

When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a new voucher bill into law on Thursday, it added more school choice options for families in the Sunshine State.

The private school portion of a previous voucher effort was struck down by Florida’s Supreme Court in 2006. But after his election last fall, Governor DeSantis named three conservative jurists to the state’s highest court, creating an all-Republican-nominated top bench that could act as a shield for legal challenges to this new law. In that way, Florida’s decision to test constitutional boundaries infuses a larger national debate about school reform – and the very nature of “public” schools.

“There’s always a bigger picture, but I feel like if you have vouchers, [the courts should] leave it alone,” says Chikara Parks, a Florida mom of four school-aged children using vouchers. “Let the people who need help, let us get it. Let us do what we need to do to give our children the same exact education that your children are getting. It shouldn’t be about anything else.”

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