In quest for long-term sustainability, edX tries to monetize MOOCs

Dec 18, 2018 by

Online education provider edX has unveiled a new plan to monetize its massive open online courses, but observers say the real opportunity for edX to grow lies in the online program management business.

It’s no secret that the nonprofit online learning provider edX was founded with rather idealistic notions about providing education to all, and not much of a business plan. On Monday, it unveiled the latest steps in its needle-threading effort to keep its courses widely accessible while also becoming self-sustaining.

Founded in 2012 with $60 million in funding from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, edX set out on a mission to provide affordable education to the world, notably through the much-ballyhooed use of massive open online courses. Initially, a lot of content on edX was completely free, but slowly the company — like its for-profit cousin Coursera — has moved more content and features behind paywalls.

Though edX’s revenue is growing and reached $54 million in 2016, the MOOC provider consistently spends more than it makes. For edX to grow, that needs to change, says Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX.

Source: In quest for long-term sustainability, edX tries to monetize MOOCs

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