In response to Obama’s ‘Great Job Speech’

Sep 9, 2011 by

by Peter Stern

We all know by now that Obama gives a great speech. But a speech is a speech is a speech.

The man has been President now for almost 3 years. Where’s the action on developing jobs? Back in Year 2008 we were promised, with words and speeches, that job creation would be one of the top priorities of the new administration. Where are they?

A great leader would have gotten Democrats and Republicans together with business to develop said jobs. So, where are the jobs? It’s time to stop speaking about the jobs and create them, as in “Actions speak louder than words.”

Why has it been so difficult to create thousands of jobs? It’s easy. You set up a National Job Program, you give private businesses incentives to hire Americans, stop giving the big tax cuts to overseas businesses who undercut American products. What’s so hard?

Case in point: We need American workers to rebuild our degenerating infrastructures. After 3 years of promising jobs, why isn’t it being done? In truth, Congress and the President rather continue to play politics in Washington than to do what is best for the American people. They would rather keep on letting wealthy elitists determine our direction, which has been to increase their profiteering — and they are making millions overseas. It’s time to focus here at home.

Why are we so scared of China, Japan and other nations that we are willing to continue cutting our own throats by taking the short end of the stick in Free Trade Agreements? We continue to buy more foreign vehicles than other nations purchase our cars and trucks. Why?

Sorry, I am not impressed with Obama’s speech. It’s another one of many speeches and promises. Create the jobs and stop talking about them. Millions of Americans need them NOW! Create them and then I’ll be impressed.

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