Inadequacy marks school funding reports

May 17, 2017 by

One year after the results of a statewide school adequacy study were released, a new coalition is saying that study was, well, inadequate. The group is spearheading yet another study into Michigan’s school finances.

And while members raise some valid points, it’s unclear how another report will shed more light on school funding.

The School Finance Research Collaborative, 20 members from education and business backgrounds, isn’t satisfied with how schools are financed and believes it’s time for the state to reconsider how best to support its schools and prepare students for the futures.

Fair enough.

The group points to the challenges facing a growing number of districts, which are educating higher numbers of students with special needs and youth who aren’t fluent in English. Those students are undoubtedly more expensive to educate.

In addition, districts in low-income areas struggle with raising funds for capital improvements — a challenge that most wealthier areas don’t have.

The collaborative wants a report that does a deep dive into these issues and lays out a blueprint for how best to meet these needs.

Source: Our editorial: Inadequacy marks school funding reports

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