Indiana school budget: Schools with more poor students would see cuts

Mar 18, 2019 by

Some Indiana school districts are sounding the alarm after new state funding projections show big cuts for districts that educate high concentrations of kids growing up in poverty.

Lawmakers late last week said they’re looking for ways to lessen the blow some schools could face if the budget proposed by House Republicans is enacted. The new figures show that while education funding overall would increase by more than 2 percent each of the next two years, those new dollars will not be spread evenly.

Speedway Schools Superintendent Ken Hull, whose district stands to lose nearly $150,000 from its $11 million budget, calls the situation “astonishing.”

“I have seen no evidence that the challenges our students face and overcome on a daily basis have lessened,” he said. “To the contrary, the Indiana economy seems to have placed more of our students and their families at risk.”

The dozens of districts that would lose funding might find it harder to raise teacher pay — a priority for Gov. Eric Holcomb and his fellow Republicans in the legislature — and to fully fund student programs and services. Other districts, some among the state’s wealthiest, would actually see their budgets grow by 5 percent or more.

This projection is also raising more fundamental questions related to education funding, such as how the state measures poverty.

Source: Indiana school budget: Schools with more poor students would see cuts

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