Indoctrination of School Children in North Carolina

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"David Coleman is one of the most destructive individual involving the public education system in America." Jimmy Kilpatrick

“David Coleman is one of the most destructive individual involving the public education system in America.” Jimmy Kilpatrick

“Indoctrination of School Children in North Carolina”

By Donna Garner


The North Carolina State Board of Education held an emergency meeting on 12.1.14 to discuss the new redesigned and revisionist AP U. S. History course (APUSH) put out by the College Board. 

David Coleman is the architect of the Common Core English Standards and is now the president of the College Board.  He has stated publicly and is carrying out his promise that all College Board products will be aligned to the Common Core.  The College Board’s products include all AP tests, the SAT, the PSAT, and the GED.

The new redesigned and revisionist AP U. S. History (APUSH) course is being implemented this fall in high schools across America. Larry Krieger is a long-time APUSH teacher, and he was asked to debate John Williamson of the College Board at the emergency meeting of the North Carolina SBOE.

The first article that came out from the Raleigh, North Carolina News Observer about the SBOE meeting was fairly balanced:

12.1.14 –“NC Board of Education hears debate about American exceptionalism” – by T. Keung Hui – News Observer

However, in typical fashion, the NC state education superintendent, evidently working in cahoots with the College Board, soon followed with a “blast” to try to distract North Carolina citizens from the real issue of the indoctrination of their children through APUSH.  


Here is the left-leaning “blast.” —  12.3.14 – “NC Education Department Used Koch-Funded Group for Proposed History Lessons” – by Lynn Bonner – News Observer


Thankfully a group of patriotic North Carolinians who have set up a website called Lady Liberty1885 decided to counter the misinformation “blast” with the facts, and they have included many links that verify their information: 


12.4.14 – “News Observer Uses Smear Attempt To Protect #APUSH” — Lady —



For those in North Carolina and across the nation who are concerned about the indoctrination of their school children under APUSH, they would do well to read the rebuttal from LadyLiberty1885 and also to listen to the debate between Larry Krieger (long-time APUSH teacher) and John Williamson (the College Board).



Here is the link to the audio of the SBOE conference call.  The debate between long-time AP U. S. History teacher Larry Krieger and John Williamson from the College Board starts approximately at marker 6:47.1:



Donna Garner

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