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Explore our free series of daily lessons, activities & content about The Henry Ford’s collection. Access programs on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Zoom.

Mondays: STEAM Stories, pre-K-grade 2, 10 a.m. EDT (30 min.)
Engage your little ones with specially themed storytelling and hands-on activities featuring materials that are easily found in the house.

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  • Monday, 4/6: Material Spotlight: Sand, Storytime: The Sandcastle That Lola Built by Megan Maynor
  • Monday, 4/13: Material Spotlight: Rubber, Storytime: What Do You Do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamada
  • Monday, 4/20: Material Spotlight: Seeds, leaves and flowers, Storytime: Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert
  • Monday, 4/27: Material Spotlight: Plastic and Metal, Storytime: What Do You do With a Problem? by Kobi Yamada
  • Monday, 5/4: Material Spotlight: Wood and Metal, Storytime: Wind by Marion Dane Bauer
  • Monday, 5/11: Material Spotlight: Wood and fabric, Storytime: Get Up, Stand Up by Bob Marley and Cedella Marley
  • Monday, 5/18: Material Spotlight: Paper, Storytime: I Have an Idea! by Herve Tullet
  • Monday, 5/25: Habit Spotlight: Take Risks, Storytime: I Will Be Fierce by Bea Birdsong
  • Monday, 6/1: Habit Spotlight: Learn from Failure, Storytime: After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again by Dan Santat
  • Monday, 6/8: Habit Spotlight: Challenge the Rules, Storytime: The Girl Who Ran: Bobbi Gibb, the First Women to Run the Boston Marathon by Kristina Yee and Frances Poletti
  • Monday, 6/15: Habit Spotlight: Collaborate, Storytime: One Love by (Music Books for Children, African American Baby Books, Bob Marley Book for Kids)
  • Monday, 6/22: Habit Spotlight: Be Empathetic, Storytime: Cara’s Kindness by Kristi Yamaguchi

Tuesdays: Innovation Nation Takeover, all ages, all day
Go all in on some of our favorite moments from The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca. Get your fix throughout the day by tuning in to segments curated by our experts and featuring bonus content.

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  • Tuesday, 4/7: Explore all things design and making at The Henry Ford through curated segments from Innovation Nation.
  • Tuesday, 4/14: Explore social transformation through curated segments from Innovation Nation.
  • Tuesday, 4/21: Explore all things identifying transformations at The Henry Ford through curated segments from Innovation Nation.
  • Tuesday, 4/28: Explore all things communication and technology through curated segments from Innovation Nation.
  • Tuesday, 5/5: Explore all things power and energy through curated segments from Innovation Nation.
  • Tuesday, 5/12: Explore all things empathetic and understanding of the needs of others at The Henry Ford through curated segments from Innovation Nation.
  • Tuesday, 5/19: Explore all things curiosity at The Henry Ford through curated segments from Innovation Nation.
  • Tuesday, 5/26: Explore all things involving taking risks at The Henry Ford through curated segments from Innovation Nation.
  • Tuesday, 6/2: Explore all things involving learning from failure at The Henry Ford through curated segments from Innovation Nation.
  • Tuesday, 6/9: Explore all things at The Henry Ford involving challenging the rules through curated segments from Innovation Nation.
  • Tuesday, 6/16: Explore all things involving collaboration at The Henry Ford through curated segments from Innovation Nation.
  • Tuesday, 6/23: Explore all things involving empathy at The Henry Ford through curated segments from Innovation Nation.

Wednesdays: Innovation Journeys Live, grades 3-8, 1 p.m. EDT (30 min.)
Learn about the actions and habits of innovators through a story from our collections that will help you to understand and apply the concepts to real-world situations. Students will be encouraged to build their own innovation journey and share with others..

  • Wednesday, 4/8: Featured Journey: Studio Glass – Harvey Littleton and Dominick Labino, Activity: Glass Candy
  • Wednesday, 4/15: Featured Journey: Henry Ford and the Model T, Activity: Innovate 101: Lesson 4
  • Wednesday, 4/22: Featured Journey: Farmer Parson, Melvin Parson, founder of We the People Opportunity Farm and Center, Activity: Innovate 101: Lesson 4
  • Wednesday, 4/29: Featured Journey: Diana Nucera, with the Detroit Community Technology Project, Activity: Innovate 102, Lesson 2: Learning What People Need.
  • Wednesday, 5/6: Featured Journey: Live interview with THF Entrepreneur-in-Residence Jessica Robinson and Curator of Transportation Matt Anderson, Activity: Innovation Journey.
  • Wednesday, 5/13: Featured Journey: “Technology for Access and Beyond” with curator Kristen Gallerneaux, Activity: Innovate 102, Lesson 2: “Learning What People Need”
  • Wednesday, 5/20: Featured Journey: McKinley Thompson and the Warrior concept car, Activity: Design Lesson
  • Wednesday, 5/27: Featured Journey: Comic book creators with curator Donna Braden, Activity: Innovate 102, Lesson 5 – Trying Things Out
  • Wednesday, 6/3: Featured Journey: Heinz, Activity: Lesson 4, Communicating to Customers
  • Wednesday, 6/10: Featured Journey: Women Weaving Technology with curator Kristen Gallerneaux, Activity: Uncover Lesson
  • Wednesday, 6/17: Featured Journey: Lotus-Ford Race Car with curator Matt Anderson, Activity: Design Creative Focus
  • Wednesday, 6/24: Featured Journey: Caring for the Environment at the Ford Rouge with curator Deb Reid, Activity: Define: Achieving Clarity

Thursdays: Virtual Visit, all ages, 1 p.m. EDT
Our curators are taking over Twitter! Join us every Thursday for a virtual visit and live Q&A session with one of our experts. Arrive with questions, expect the occasional scavenger hunt — and leave with fresh knowledge about each of our six core collections themes.

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  • Thursday, 4/9: At 9 a.m., Curator of Decorative Arts Charles Sable takes to Twitter to talk about the relationship between luggage and travel over the past 100 years. At 10 a.m., join Associate Curator Katherine White for a Q&A session on highlights from The Henry Ford’s design collections.
  • Thursday, 4/16: Grab a cup of coffee and join Curator of Public Life Donna Braden for a conversation about the all-American diner, and how they transformed the way Americans thought about eating out.
  • Thursday, 4/23: Join Curator of Agriculture and the Environment Debra A. Reid for a Q&A on Earth Day.
  • Thursday, 4/30: Join Curator of Communications and Information Technology Kristen Gallerneaux for a Twitter takeover. She uncovers hidden stories about interesting technology, highlights recent acquisitions and talks about finding inspiration in The Henry Ford’s collections.
  • Thursday, 5/7: Join Associate Curator Ryan Jelso in an exploration of Thomas Edison, whose willingness to always try something new helped shape our world and inspired the founding of our institution.
  • Thursday, 5/14: At 10 A.M. EDT, join Curator of Transportation Matt Anderson for a Q&A on new acquisitions, the upcoming Driven to Win exhibit and special cars in our Mobility collection.
  • Thursday, 5/21: Join Curator of Domestic Life Jeanine Miller at 1 p.m. for a look at the sweet story of how America’s favorite cookie was born.
  • Thursday, 5/28: Join associate curator Saige Jedele on Twitter to learn more about Wilson’s Holiday Inns and the broader history of roadside lodging.
  • Thursday, 6/4: Join Curator of Decorative Arts Charles Sable in this Twitter chat for a look at how studio glass evolved through trial and error from simple blobs to art that wows.
  • Thursday, 6/11: Join Curator of Communications & Information Technology Kristen Gallerneaux to discover women’s contributions to technology and art, found in the collections of The Henry Ford.
  • Thursday, 6/18: Join Associate Curator Katherine White for a Twitter Chat to discuss the important role that collaboration played in Charles and Ray Eames’ designs.
  • Thursday, 6/25: John Burroughs was a keen observer of the natural world. His writings extolled the wonders of animals, birds, flowers and nearby landscapes. Explore the life of John Burroughs with associate curator Andy Stupperich.

Fridays: Kid Inventors, all ages, 12 p.m. EDT (30 min.)
Get an inside look at what inventors from Invention Convention Worldwide are doing throughout the world to solve today’s problems.

  • Friday, 4/10: Meet Lino Marrero, a sixth-grader from Texas who developed Kinetic Kickz, an energy harvesting technology that you can insert in your shoe and it collects your wasted energy from walking.
  • Friday, 4/17: Meet Charlotte Hober from Idaho, inventor of the Emotional Emojis board game. Kids are helping other kids get through this unusual time, and Charlotte’s invention helps kids (and adults) express their feelings with a fun game.
  • Friday, 4/24: Meet Quill Orth, from Iowa, who invented the Hot Spot Chicken Insulating Cream.
  • Friday, 5/1: Meet Alex Knoll, from Iowa, who developed the Ability App, a global app that helps people search for disability-friendly features at locations around the world.
  • Friday, 5/8: Meet Michael “Max” Sneyd of the law firm Kerr and Russell in Detroit and learn about patents, copyrights and trademarks.
  • Friday, 5/15: Meet Vidya Srinivas, Invention Convention Michigan’s 2019 grand prize winner, for her invention, AutoImage, a cell counting and identifying software intended to minimize the amount of time cancer researchers spend on manual labor.
  • Friday, 5/22: Meet Jianna Nichols, an inventor from Ohio, whose inventions include the Magic Hairband, Rido Red, and Blindingly Smart, a board game that the blind and people with sight can play together.
  • Friday, 5/29: Meet Javiera Antonia Olivares Vidal of Yo Invento, Chile, who devised a way of making insulation tiles using recycled Tetra Pak cartons.
  • Friday, 6/5: Meet ninth-grader Ethan Klein of Connecticut, who created the 3DuxDesign cardboard-based modeling system, which is on sale throughout the country.
  • Friday, 6/12: Meet 10th-graders Bridgette Castronovo and Taylor McNeal from Kennesaw, Georgia, who created the Biodegradable straw.
  • Friday, 6/19: Meet ninth-grader Arthur Zhang from Winchester, Massachusetts, who created AWARE, a network of sensors that use artificial intelligence to make predictions about natural disasters.

Weekends: The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation
Watch new episodes of Emmy® Award-winning The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation on CBS (check local listings), or download episodes from six seasons anytime on

View upcoming themes for our learning virtual series and access past webinars:

3/30: Mobility
4/6: Design & Making
4/13: Social Transformation
4/20: Agriculture & the Environment
4/27: Information & Communications
5/4: Power & Energy
5/10: Be Empathetic
5/17: Stay Curious
5/24: Take Risks
6/1: Learn from Failure
6/7: Challenge the Rules
6/14: Collaborate
6/22: Be Empathetic

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