Insanity: VA school votes in LGBT class for 7th-graders

Jul 1, 2015 by

Protesters: ‘These intellectuals, we elect too many of them’

The nation’s tenth largest school district, Fairfax County in Fairfax, Virginia, voted 10-to-2 to teach gender identity and transgender issues as part of seventh-through-tenth-grade sex education curriculum.

Parents angered by the move pointed out the vote also means the course material is mandatory because Fairfax County School Board members shifted the curriculum from Family Life Education to health – meaning, students can’t easily opt out of the class, the Daily Caller reported.

“Once you move something out of family life, the family life education curriculum delivery method and into a health curriculum, by default, a parent no longer has the right to opt out,” said dissenting School Board member Elizabeth Schultz, in a statement to the Daily Caller.

Parents, angry by the move, protested at the board’s most recent meeting by wearing t-shirts with the phrase, “Respect parents’ rights.” Others, meanwhile, wore slogans upholding the other point of view: “Teach the facts,” the Daily Caller reported.

The curriculum switch had been an item of school controversy for some time. At a meeting a week earlier, several residents spoke their minds about the new course material – and many were shaking their heads.


Source: VA school votes in LGBT class for 7th-graders

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