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Every once in a while a very interesting article crosses my desk, that I feel I must share with others.

George Leef was nice enough to forward the article below by Mark Pulliam, entitled “Social Justice is Overrunning the University of Texas.”

‘Social Justice’ is Overrunning the University of Texas

I have to say that Mark Pulliam makes many fine points and indicates some of the problems with this vague nebulous, ephemeral construct called “social justice”.  Every once in a while, some phrase or some idea or some bandwagon construct comes along and people jump on the bandwagon and a lot of time is spent beating this idea to death.  “Social Justice” is perhaps such a construct. Now, do not misinterpret, misconstrue or misunderstand me. I am all for justice. If someone commits a crime, they need to do the time as they say. In some instances, there are “extenuating circumstances “ which are taken into account.  And “justice“ is often in the mind of the judge, and is in mind of the person who was assaulted or raped, and “justice” is often very relative.

Now “social justice“ seems to  have a life of its own, and people study this construct called “social justice” and perhaps it is differently defined on the east coast and the west coast. I am not sure what kind of job one gets if one studies “social justice”.

When one reads or hears about “ social justice” one seems to hear a lot of words that appear at first glance to be meaningful—racism, ageism, equality. And for the record, I am against racism, ageism, and all for equality.  But there are ways to achieve a society that promotes fairness and equality, and I am not sure if those ways include just discussing issues in the classroom and bemoaning certain concerns.

I have to admit, I have never taken a class in social justice- so I may be missing out on some insights. But I would encourage readers to read Mark Pulliam’s excellent piece ( he is a much better writer than I am) and make your own decisions, and think and deliberate over what he has to say.

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