International children’s camp in the Little Alps of Europe

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The beautiful Pirin mountain

Pirin mountain – the little Alps of Europe, offers opportunities for a wonderful vacation in both winter and summer, with the summer months options also including an international children’s english language camp.

The mountain is filled with beautiful, majestic and inspiring sights.

Pirin is on a relatively small area – 2,585 square kilometers, but its peaks with height of over 2.500 meters are 50; there are 170 lakes, some of which are organized in whole groups, numerous mountain rivers with trout, circuses, valleys, hollows, moraines and saddles which are included in various tourist routes. The rivers are short but deep and with a large slope. Because of this, they are lush and form beautiful waterfalls between 9 and 15 meters high on their way to the Mesta and Struma rivers. On the Bulgarian territory Struma is 290 km and Mesta – 126 km long. They are surrounded by scenic landscapes along the Pirin National Park, and their high water and rapids attract fans of rafting and kayaking from all over the world.

Champion in Pirin mountain is Vihren peak which with its 2,914 m above sea level is third in the Balkans. The beauty and significance of the mountain is appreciated by the world community, with one of the three reserves under the aegis of UNESCO, the other one is in NATURA 2000. The flora and fauna are rich, some species are included not only in European but also in the world protection lists. The mountain has centuries-old forests of white pine, white fir, fir, dwarf-pine. Among the protected trees there are some with a proven age of 1,000 years and Baikushev’s Black Pine (Baikusheva cherna mura) near Bansko is more than 1,300 years old. Tourists invariably include it in their route because it is one of the oldest trees in the world. There is also a very diverse bird world – woodpeckers, titmouse, wood-grouse capercalzie, rock partridge. This whole palette of beauty has so far made the Pirin nature a fascinating, exciting experience that fills you with vital energy.

Opportunity for a different family vacation

In the winter season this is the realm of skiing and snowboarding. The tracks in the Bansko resort, which have already held 7 World Championships, offer emotions also for the amateurs, so they are suitable for families as well. 30 per cent of the routes are made for beginners, the advanced skiers can ski on 45 per cent of the tracks and the rest are for experts. Full equipment is provided on site, and many schools offer training.

In summer, the resort, which is world famous and is the leading destination in Europe, along with the comfort of accommodation, offers numerous entertainment amidst the unique scenery. As a prerequisite for an exciting and useful summer vacation, LuckyKids is the well-known international children’s camp in Bansko. The fact that it is based in Lucky Bansko Spa & Relax Aparthotel allows for a different type of holiday for the whole family. Parents can also stay at the hotel and while children learn and play per camp programs, adults can enjoy spa breaks, healthy weight loss programs, yoga classes, relaxation at the aqua complex with outdoor pools, and so on. But even if parents fail to combine their vacation with the children’s camp, they can stay worry free. The LuckyKids training and entertainment programs are tailored to the most up-to-date practices in pedagogy with a fast and lasting effect in learning the correct English language. All safety measures are taken in accordance with global standards. Children are put in small groups and are never alone – there are always experienced adults from the team with them – teachers, animators, instructors, guides. For example, the professional life-guard, teacher and animator are present at the swimming pool. A qualified medical professional and full medical equipment is also provided. On the floors of the hotel where the children are accommodated, there are also accommodated camp staff to ensure the children’s tranquility at night.

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