An Interview with Sam Ray of the Texans

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Michael F. Shaughnessy –

1) Sam, you lead up a gospel group known as the Texans. First of all, are you really a gospel group, and when did you get started ?

We started at the Dallas Christian College as students. We used the group at that time to promote the school. After college went out as a full time Gospel group doing revivals, concerts and camps. After 10 years we move to Branson, MO, and opened the 11 music show using Gospel and positive family music to entertain Branson guest. In 2000, we moved to Eureka Springs, AR to help the ministry of the Great Passion Play.

As of 2013, we are now traveling with our music to raises money for world missions.

2) Tell us about the members of your band.

The group in now a family band with my wife Brenda as the tenor, my son Curtis as the lead and myself as harmonies.

3) Where do you perform-? Other than in Texas ?

We travel worldwide as God directs. Last year, we traveled around 75,000 miles

4) How did you first get started ?

As a college group.

5) What was your biggest gig as they say- how many people were entertained?

We travel many years with Revival Fires ministries with major speakers and performers Roy and Dale Rodgers, Anita Bryant, many others. The largest group was Sun Dome in Tucson, AR around 40,000 one night.

In Branson we had many country stars on our show as special guests. Marty Robbins, Dell Reeves, Freddy Heart, Jack Green, Charlie Walker,

Merle Haggard, just to name a few.

6) How do you keep your music fresh and alive?

We try to listen to what the music industry is doing and try to record at least one new project each year.

My son writes a new song about once a month.

7) Who writes your songs? Or do you just rely on old spiritual stuff?

Like I said Curtis writes and I write some also , but we always try to add an old favorite that we up date to each project.

8) I overheard a comment that your music was great- but that you needed more cowbell. What is the typical reaction to your music ?

Most people enjoy what we do, but like all music, each of us has different tastes.

9) Do you have a web site where people can get DVD’s and C.D.’s of your music?

10) What have I neglected to ask?

We are a non-profit mission organization to raise money to help feed starving children and build feeding centers around the world.

We always take donations and are looking for team members to go help construct the centers .

Thank you for the opportunity to tell about our ministry.

Have a blessed day

Sam Ray

Sam Ray
The Texans

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