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9.27.12 — City on a Hill  — Interview with Henry W. Burke –

Part 3 — “Romney’s Plan Will Create Millions of Jobs”

Listen to yesterday’s interview with Henry W. Burke by Diana Crews, City on a Hill radio program:


After clicking on this — — you will arrive at the City on a Hill website.  Please look below the video screen where the gray link box is posted.  After allowing about 20 seconds for the interview to load and the link to turn dark gray, use your mouse and point it at the left side of the dark gray bar. When your mouse arrow turns to a hand, then move the marker to 13:45 where Diana Crews begins the interview with Henry Burke on Romney’s plan to create millions of jobs. The program ends at 142:36.


Please go to:

Then on the left side, click on the line that says, “Romney’s Job Plan Will Create Millions of Jobs” (below where it says “Red, White and Blue RSS.”)

When you get to the next screen, click the red line that says, “Audio Link To Interview – Click Here.”

Scroll over to marker 13.45 where Diana Crews begins the interview with Henry Burke.

City on a Hill radio program – Diana Crews —


9.08.12 – “Romney’s Plan Will Create Millions of Jobs” – by Henry W. Burke  —






Excerpts from this article:


Mitt Romney has a plan to create 12 million new jobs in four years.



Many lessons can be learned from the Reagan experience.



The Reagan Plan produced an economic recovery that created 250,000 jobs per month over the first three years.  Romney’s Plan for 12 million jobs in four years also equates to 250,000 jobs per month.  These 12 million jobs will help middle class families move forward and restore the American dream.



Because of the similarities between Reagan’s Plan and Romney’s Plan, I can safely predict that the Romney Plan will be successful!  A Romney White House will create an abundance of jobs and will put millions of people back to work!



After Reagan’s tax cut plan was implemented, tax revenues almost doubled in 10 years.  Just think what will happen when more tax revenue flows into the federal treasury.  In combination with spending cuts, the deficits will be reduced and America will eventually see a balanced budget.



We must elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November to make this happen!



When we are dwelling on all of these job numbers, it is easy to forget that we are dealing with real people, people who have tangible needs.  I cannot get the 13 million unemployed persons or 23 million underemployed persons off my mind.  These people are being deprived of the dignity and satisfaction that flows from having a good job.



If 100 able-bodied people gathered for an event, 15 of those people would be “underemployed.”



Before we vote in the November election, we need to picture these 23 million people (nearly 10% of our population) who are struggling to provide for their families.  Are we willing to allow Obama and Biden more time to lead us to “a better place?”



In Obama’s presidential nomination acceptance speech on 9.06.12 at the Democratic National Convention, he said:


Our problems can be solved.  And the truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades.




In Obama’s first 3.6 years, he has created a net total of zero jobs; in fact, he has actually lost 120,000 jobs!   By any measure, Obama has failed miserably at handling the economy.  Obama could not get the job done in just under 4 years yet he pleads for 4 more years.  The Reagan experience tells us that huge strides can be made in three years!



Why would we give Obama four more years to try the same failing strategies?



During his acceptance speech, Obama said this about his Republican challengers: “They want your vote, but they don’t want you to know their plan.”  Did Obama’s speech writers go to Mitt Romney’s website or listen to any of Romney’s speeches or Ryan’s speeches?  Apparently not.



Please make the right decision in November!  The future of our country is on the line!

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