Introduction of My Special Friend, Mr. Techgnome

Sep 19, 2011 by

By Donna Garner

When a person buys a Mac (Apple) computer and/or an Android phone, how does he know what the various apps will do so he can decide which ones to put on his computer or phone?

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my special friend, Mr. Techgnome — a technological genius. The amazing part is that he is only in seventh grade. 

The teacher in me is trying to help Mr. Techgnome learn to speak more slowly and distinctly in his YouTube videos because his techie mind thinks so quickly that his mouth can hardly keep up.  He is a quick learner, however, and is speaking more clearly in every succeeding video that he makes.

Meanwhile, Mr. Techgnome is teaching me; but unfortunately, I am NOT a quick learner!

“Mr. Techgnome” is a fictitious name that he has adopted to use on his webpage (called a “channel”).  He has made 72 free videos that help viewers to learn which apps they might want to put on their Apple computers and/or Android phones.

(Mac is the operating system for the Apple computer.  Android is the operating system for any Android phone.  A Droid is the name of a phone, and it runs Android.)

When you go to , please hit “Subscribe to Mr.Techgnome’s channel.”

Then each time that Mr. Techgnome posts a new video on YouTube, you will be notified automatically by e-mail (from Google) of his recent updates.

The videos are completely free with no strings attached.

To choose a video that might be helpful to you, please click where it says “See all 72 videos.”

After watching the video and you think the video has been helpful to you, please click “like.” This will help to move Mr. Techgnome higher on the Google search page.

Here are a few possible videos from which to select.  A number of these should be of interest to the teens in your home:

How To Get More Views on YouTube (first in a series)  —

Top MAC Apps for 2011:

Mac Customization-Aluminum Icons

How To Make Your Mac 40% Faster and Improve Your Battery Life:

Minecraft Mansion Custom Map:

How To Make a Logo in Gimp:

iPhone 5 Website Leaked — Is a Fake

Official Cyanogenmod 7.1 Rc 1 Review:

After watching a few of Mr. Techgnome’s videos, I am sure you will agree with me that he has a bright future in the techie world.  The good news is that he is also an excellent student who understands that he must learn basic foundational knowledge to enable him to achieve his goals in life.  He and I have fun imagining what he may accomplish in the future if he keeps working hard in school and developing his many talents.

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