Introductory Mechanics ReView Course for Instructors and Advanced Students

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Registration is open for a free online MIT-level course in Introductory Newtonian Mechanics. The course is designed for top students with some knowledge and skills in mechanics who want to improve both their conceptual overview and their problem-solving skills in mechanics. Designed by MIT professor David Pritchard and his education research group, this course will enable participants to learn a newly developed method for organizing their mechanics knowledge that facilitates an expert approach to their problem solving. The course runs June 1 Aug 26, 2013 with the first quiz due June 28. Individuals who complete the course will receive a letter of completion from Pritchard.


The Summer Mechanics Course is offered on the MIT-Harvard platform for students who want to increase their appreciation of Mechanics, their problem-solving ability, and who enjoy working on challenging problems. Those who only want to browse are also welcome.


The course is for those with prior knowledge of Mechanics who want to increase their appreciation of Mechanics, their overview or Mechanics, and their problem-solving ability. Physics teachers and their accomplished students are the target audience. Our pedagogical approach, Modeling Applied to Problem Solving, has publications that show that it improves students’ expertise and performance, and leads to enhanced performance in their subsequent physics course. It has been developed over the last 5 years by Prof. Pritchard’s RELATE group (RELATE stands for REsearch on Learning, Assessing, Tutoring, and Effectively).


This course will be run in the Online Learning Environment created by RELATE. It features hundreds of research-based and homework problems at three levels (including challenging MIT exam-like problems) combined with a short modularized e-textbook containing supplemental videos, simulations, and embedded questions. Discussion forums follow each module and problem, enabling participants to help each other learn. This course is excellent preparation for AP and advanced standing exams.


Students are encouraged to share this announcement with other top students and to suggest this course to physics teachers whom they think would enjoy or benefit from a more mature overview of mechanics and problem solving.


Register: (the course is 8.MRev)

See the Research:


or – Prof. David Pritchard 617 253 6812

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